Sunday, October 10, 2010

Minto Korean Restaurant - Eastwood


We felt like a bit of Korean and so my partner and I headed down to Eastwood. We scouted out the restaurants and decided on one that neither of us had been to before and had bbq and non-bbq options, and was okayly populated so we know that it's decent.

Sitting down, we were met with a decent sized menu of entrees, mains, bbq-grill, soups, hotpots, things to share and things for one. I opted for my favourite - the Japchae ($14). This was absolutely deliciousness! The noodles were soft and chewy. The vegetables weren't abundantful but enough. And a really stand-outish sesame oil flavour penetrated through and through. Slightly oily, but truely yum.

Japchae - $14

Another entree that my partner ordered just incase my "entree" japchae and his main beef rib soup was not enough was the Kimchi pancake ($13). I've never eaten Kimchi pancake before. I usually order the seafood one. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised at how orange it all was. It was tasty, bit too floury for me - but my partner thought it was perfect, and as it came out on a sizzling hot plate, the outsides were nicely chargrilled and crispy. The Kimchi flavour was also good - not too spicy either! The Kimchi pancake came with a full aromatic sauce... smelt soooo nice - not sure what's in it though :)

kimchi pancake - $13

My partner's main was the Galbe Tang - beef rib soup ($12). This was clear but beefy flavoursome. The beef ribs were super super tender. The egg and clear potato starch noodles were abundantful. To tell you the truth, the soup is not "hearty" but it is but brings that warm fulfilling filling to your stomach. Not bad at all.

Galbe Tang - $12

The variety of side dishes for the night was good. I really liked the vinegary kelp, the potatos were nice, the sprouts average, and my partner didn't stop eating the apple pasta salad.

side dishes

So, was there too much food? Yeh - a bit. But definately a satisfying feed. Not a bad choice of restaurant. Love Korean food :)

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 30/40

Minto Korean Restaurant
112 Rowe Street
NSW 2122
Tel: (02) 9874 1822


mashi said...

The japchae looks great. I love the smell of sesame oil on these clear glass noodles.

Orange kimchi pancake indeed, it's prob from the chilli marinate.

Looks like you had a yummy meal here at Minto. Will give it a try soon

bbsnoopy said...

yeh - it's pretty good.
they also mentioned about how if you take photos and post it on FB, you'll be in the draw to win a discount off ur next meal... (or something like that) LOL

crystal said...

They had absolutely horrible service the last time I visited this restaurant and ruined our dinner with relatives from overseas. I will never go back!

Anonymous said...

Well We went there few days ago... and the service wasn't bad.... It was ok.... and food was quiet good... I had Japchae with beef and pancake...