Saturday, October 30, 2010

BPO Wine Bar & Restaurant - Beecroft

Let's take a bit of a break from HK.

Back in Sydney, my partner decided to have dinner some place local ish (as it was after work and it was kinda quite late). After a quick flick through the Entertainment book, my partner got intrigued by the decription of the decor of one of the restaurants in Beecroft - a transformed Post Office from who knows when.

BPO Wine Bar & Restaurant

My partner said that this was a modern Australian restaurant, but I believe that it's more Italian in nature. We were served by an old friendly man. However, his English either wasn't perfect or was slightly slurred - we actually had some difficulties understanding what he was saying half the time LOL

Nonetheless, we managed to order after much deliberation. We ordered an Antipasto misto ($25) to share. This had a big selection of stuff - salami, eggplant, marinated veges, olives, proscuitto/ham, sundried tomatoes, artichoke, and smoked salmon. Served with some crummy looking bread (yes - I remember from my trip to Italy that Italians do crap bread), the platter was actually pretty good. My partner thought that the salami was pretty good - light yet brings along a quite a strong meaty slightly hot taste. I thought that the ham was awesome. Extremely tasty and well smoked - tender, not too salty, yet appetising and easy to just keep eating.

Antipasto misto - $25

As for mains, my partner ordered the Penne Prawns ($25),. Tomatoey chunks throughout, it was very very strongly aromatically tomatoey. It also had really fresh yummy tasting prawns throughout, garlicy in flavour, just a hint of chilli and basil on top. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't super super awesome (but I do have a cream-sauce pasta bias).

Penne Prawns - $26

I ordered the Quattro Stagioni Pizza ($22). The waiter said that this means "four seasons". With the pizza out - I couldn't figure out which topping was which season, so maybe te pizza's name just exemplifies four flavours? There's mushrooms, prawns, prosciutto and artichokes. Honestly, this pizza was pretty damn good. The pizza base was just the right thickness. Crunchiness throughout the base yet soft and fluffy at the same time. Wow! Pizza base definately suited my tastes. On top of it all, I have to say, the prosciutto topping was sooooooo awesome!!! Savoury, soft, tender and HEAPS. Pizzas I dislike are pizzas with little topping. This pizza (especially the prosciutto bit) had topping abundantly. It was really really yum. The other bits - mushies, artichokes and prawns were all OK too but just not as awesome as the proscuitto :P

Quattro Stagioni Pizza - $22

And dessert? We were both fully stuffed. There was no way we could fit in dessert. LOL

All up? This restaurant is not bad. Italian influenced food with Italian influenced waiters (of whom are difficult to understand ... but friendly). The ambiance is awesome! Stylish and arty ish... you can see they tried. Would I return? Well, there's quite a few restaurants we walked past in Beecroft with super yummy-tasting aroumas floating out... so maybe they're next on the agenda first?

Food - 7.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 29.5/40

BPO Wine Bar & Restaurant
95a Beecroft Rd,
NSW, 2119
Tel: (02) 9980 5011

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