Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BBQ - Strathfield

My partner and I had decided to eat Korean in Strathfield... but we had quite a bit of difficulty deciding which one.

And so... we headed into one without an English name. Has to be authentic that way ... right? :)

We had a bit of difficulty deciding what to get - the reason being, my partner was sick and I didn't want him to have BBQed food. But seeing that we stepped into a restaurant where the only English bit of the name is "BBQ"...

Nonetheless, we opted for a beef with mushroom and vegetables hot pot ($35). I thought this would probably feed the two of us (as most hot pots are rather large), but my partner decided that he was soooo hungry, he could finish this himself - that's his excuse anyway. I think that deep down inside, he was scared that the hot pot would be too spicy for me and hence, forced me to order something I know I could eat. In this case, it was the korean dumpling soup with various condiments ($13).

What came first were the awesome side dishes. Okay ... so I'm missing my awesome potato dish and my awesome seaweed dish... but these were OK.

side dishes

The beef with mushroom and vegetables hot pot was extremely deceiving. I swear that there was hardly any chilli or chilli powder or black pepper or anything else there but - the soup was spiciness! I could still eat it though - the chinese cabbage is awesome, as with the potato starch noodles. The beef bits weren't bad and there were ample veges - zucchini, carrots, mushis, onion, shallots... the whole lot. It is seriously quite a YUM hot pot. I just couldn't drink the soup (but my partner lapped it up).

beef with mushroom and vegetables hot pot - $35

The korean dumpling soup was likewise deliciousness! Super big fat dumplings worked right up my alley, as did the egg they cracked in the soup and the seaweed and shallot bits sprinkled on top. The soup was subtly sweet and really tasty. In all... this is something I could definately gobble up on a rainy day :)

korean dumpling soup with various condiments - $13

The restaurant is missing the buzzer thing most other Korean restaurants have. The waitstaff struggle a bit with the English, but they try, and they're nice enough. We left the restaurant clutching our stomachs in fullness whilst whisking away paying less than $50, so not bad :)

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 30/40

52 Mosely St
NSW 2135
tel: (02) 9701 0608

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