Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twenty One Espresso - Double Bay

Cafe 21 is a smallish yet popular ish cafe tucked in a nice little place in Double Bay. The decor is really kind of old - not in the stylish antique way, but in the floral fabric couch covering type way. No idea what I'm on about? It's kind of like stepping into an elderly person's home - how there's that old ish yet oddly cozyish feeling... and most importantly - the unmistakable smell of super yummy food :) We were suit-hire shopping nearby with our awesomely ever-ready groomsmen and since we were all hungry, what better than to visit a Cafe which, as my partner conveniently forgot, was were we ate on our first "date" (in highschool, the concept of "date" is probably different) LOL. My mocha was delicious and quenched my coffee craving. It was sweet, yet you could distinctly taste to coffeeness of it. Smooth and just very drinkable.
The breakfast menu appealed to both our groomsmen who both opted for the Farmhouse Breakfast ($21.50). This comprised of 2 eggs (cooked any way you want... in this case - poached), a whole HEAP of bacon, hasbrowns, mushrooms, grilled tomato, sausage and baked beans (which were served in a bowl on the side) with toast (white, wholemeal or sourdough). It was HUGEness - a whole load of bacon really! Our friends both seemed to enjoy their meal, and seemed very well stuffed afterwards.
Farmhouse Breakfase - $21.50
If the amount of bacon on the farmhouse breakfasts surprised me, the amount of bacon on the BLT on a bagel ($17.50) threw me off the chair! The amount of bacon vs rocket or tomato ration was way out of whack. The bacon was cooked perfectly though - all crisp and crunchy looking but not burnt. A huge heap of fries on the side.
BLT on a bagel with fries - $17.50
I was eyeing someone's mushroom soup on the way into the cafe and it looked absolutely heavenly! Hence, soup of the day I ordered ($10.50). Coming with 2 pieces of bread, the soup was extremely mushroomy with a good hint of herbiness. Slighly too salty to begin with but my tastebuds accustomed to it really quickly. Half-way through the huge bowl, I was really really full. I guess only thing is - I think it would have tasted even better with just a hint more creaminess.
soup of the day - $10.50
All up, the food here is pretty awesome. The cafe has been around for AGES and ages and there's still heaps of people who come and dine. There are an unusual amount of elderly clients - must be a regular hang out place for them :P

Food - 8.5/10

Service - 7/10

Ambiance - 6.5/10

Value for money - 7.5/10

Overall - 29.5/40

Twenty One Espresso

21 Knox St

Double Bay

NSW 2028
(02) 9327 2616


missklicious said...

You can never have too much bacon though :)

bbsnoopy said...

but if you could - this is where you'd be ODing