Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Double - KFC

OK - I've had a pretty shocking wedding diet. From endless packets of chocolate to endless tubs of icecream. Loads of chips (both packet and hot ones). Buffets and bbqs... the whole lot within the past few weeks or so... But I've been trying hard to hold off from this one - the KFC Double. 2 Zinger fillets (or Original) instead of a bun, 2 types of cheese and bacon... YUM. Really, it was 2515kj (1939kj for the original) that we're pushing into our stomachs. But, you know - once in a life time. Right?

moment of excitment as I unwrapped the Double...

and OMG - it's like... tiny ... but so so so fillingly greasy!

I have to say, it was quite nice. I'm not a fan of the buns of a burger normally, but I love the meat... and the cheese... so it was up my alley. My partner, on the otherhand, values his bun to meat ratio - and hence, I think he prefers burgers at Hungry Jacks more than at KFC.

Definately shouldn't eat this too often... but its an awesome treat on the side?


chocolatesuze said...

hehe next time grab some potato and gravy to dip into :D

The Concealer said...

Did you clutch at your chest whilst blogging it? At least it was nummy right?

bbsnoopy said...

we did have potato and gravy !!!
but it didn't feel too bad!
or atleast, it was worth it :P

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Haha, hats off to you for trying this! I suspect partway through I'd suffer meat overload as I, too, value my bun to filling ratio.

missklicious said...

I need to get myself to KFC!