Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant (2)- Sydney

My hubby and I were lucky enough to be invited by family friends to dine at Golden Century the other night. Whilst there, we saw Adam Liaw (masterchef 2 winner) dining with his japanese companions :)

On this night, our hosts did all the ordering. First up on the table was lobster sashimi. This came atop of steaming plate of liquid nitrogen - giving it a "smoking" aura. The lobster sashimi came in big fresh cold chunks of lobster. Lots and lots of it. The lobster chunks were subtly sweet and tasty. Accompanying the giant lobster were small fresh oysters which were super creamy, as well as salmon sashimi which were really quite yummy :P

lobster sashimi

Next up was abalone - large thinly sliced abalone quickly cooked hot pot style. Cooking the abalone this way makes it soft and tender and again, brings about a subtle sweetness which lingers in your mouth. What I like even more than the abalone is the super super awesomely sweet soup and lettuce which results after the abalone is cooked this way.


There was also XO pipies on the night tossed on top of fried thin rice noodles. The XO sauce was relatively strong and tasty. Yum but slightly more chili than I can take after consuming quite a few of these. Right up my hubby's alley though I think :) It was definitely a plate of fresh yummy pipies.

XO Pipies

After sashimifying the lobster, there's still lobster left in the legs and head and stuff and hence, this was cooked - tossed with supreme soup and scattered on top of really yummy egg noodles. My partner was really really happy cos he LOVES lobster and I guess just giving it to him raw isn't as awesome to him as having it sizzling hot and drenched in tasty sauce. Again, I'm a fan of the accompaniments - the saucy egg noodles.

lobster in supreme sauce

Another dish ordered for my hubby was the suckling pig. Whilst the skin was still kind of crispy, and the suckling pig was tasty I think it tasted kinda average ish. The jellyfish accompanying it was also so so.

suckling pig

Dessert-wise, we got traditional asian cakes and deep-fried flour puffs and red bean soup. T'was OK.


Golden Century is a place for seafood. Seafood is their forte so if that's what you're ordering, you're up for a good meal. The other dishes, however, is probably just so so.

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29.5/40

Golden Century
393-399 Sussex St
NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9212 3901

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Joanne said...

That looks like an amazing feast - my drooling tastebuds are so jealous! :)