Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Il Centro - Brisbane CBD

I read on a blog somewhere about Sandcrab Lasagne and how it just took everyone's tastebuds to heaven with it's rich creamy crabby comforting pasta and sauce. After reading it, I couldn't help but drag my hubby to the place which serves it - Il Centro.

As an entree, my hubby and I shared some pan seared scallops ($27). Three plump perfectly cooked scallops (seared on the outside and just the right cookedness) were served with bits of artichoke, broad beans and cotechino sausage. This was all covered with a truffle vinaigrette. Quite yummy :)

Pan-seared scallops - $27

Hubby couldn't look past the confit of duck with truffle mash which was a special for the day. The duck was very tasty and the mash was super super smoothness. Unfortunately, the skin of the duck wasn't as crispy as I would have liked. But overall, it wasn't a bad dish.

Confit de canard

Now for the crazy main character of the night - Sandcrab Lasagne. Our friend waitress advised me to order an entree size as it is super rich and filling. I couldn't disregard his advice and hence, an entree-size was opted for. When this came out, the lasagne smelt AMAZING. It didn't seem like a complex dish, but it was definitely worth all the calories it brings along - two thin layers of pasta sheets which sandwiched a crazy large heap of super tender and flavoursome crab meat. A little dab of tomato sauce was placed in the middle which made it more aesthetically pleasing... but didn't really add much to the taste. The super crazy part was actually the sauce. It was super rich and creamy and crustaceany and just left me speechless. I could just lick the plate dry of this sauce!!!

Sandcrab lasagne

As a side, we shared a mushroom and artichoke dish ($11). There was a mix of portobello and swiss brown mushrooms all cooked and tossed with caramelised onions and a massive artichoke. It was deliciously tasty and flavoursome.

mushroom and artichoke side dish

By now, we were both full and satisfied but I just couldn't pass on the dessert menu which looked super tempting. My choice was for the frozen pineapple cheesecake ($17). The cheesecake was slightly frozen, which is exactly the way I like cheesecakes. It sat with a blob of salted caramel gelato which was really really yum and peanut brittle which my hubby adored. It was a really awesome dessert :)

frozen pineapple cheesecake - $17

All up, this was an amazing meal. Sure, the service wasn't awesome... but the food more than enough made up for it! And if sandcrab lasagne is not yet on your 'must eat before you die list' then it really damn well ought to be!

Food - 9/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 30/40

Il Centro
1 Eagle Street
(Eagle Street Pier)
Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel: (07) 3221 6090

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