Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sono - Brisbane CBD

My hubby was attending a business trip in Brisbane and so I decided to tag along for a eating and shopping trip. As we were both craving sushi and sashimi, one of our first dining destinations was Sono - a Japanese restaurant in the CBD (and at Portside). They have a variety of seating - tatami, tepanyaki and normal. As we booked last minute, we had to settle for normal seating.

Our sashimi craving meant an order of a large sashimi platter ($48). There were super deliciously fresh slices of salmon, tuna, king fish, snapper, dory (?), scallops and one more type of white fish (don't remember the name). It was all super super yum!!!

large sashimi platter - $48

Sushi-wise, we decided on a salmon and avocado small roll ($9). This was again really tasty and really yummy. The rice was perfect consistency and was a good proportion of rice and salmon and avocado :)

salmon and avocado roll - $9

A 'special' of the month caught our attention - Queensland scallop, prawn butter-yaki ($15). This comprised of tender perfectly cooked Queensland scallops and large prawns pan-fried in butter. It was served with dashi marinated mushrooms and seaweed cream sauce. Mmm... yum!

Queensland scallop, prawn butter-yaki - $15

Further, my hubby couldn't go past the wagyu beef (kobe striploin 100g) of marble score 6 which was grilled on the table with a magnolia leaf ($35). It smelt amazing!!! The kobe beef was very well marbled and soooo super tender - almost melt in your mouth!

wagyu beef - $35

Another interesting dish for the night was the kani cream korokke ($15). This was golden deep fried croquettes filled with cream and crab meat. The innards were super silky smooth and super super crabbily tasty! Zomg YUM!!!

kani cream korokke - $15

Last but not least, we ordered the potato salad ($12). This was a japanese style mashed potato with garden green salad. It was served in half a potato which made it more interesting. But other than the looks of it, it was just your normal japanese potato salad (which isn't bad really) :P

potato salad - $12

All up, this was a fabulous dinner. The service was attentive enough and we were surrounded by fantastic aromas all night :)

Food - 9/10
Service - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7.5/10
Overall - 31/40

Level 1 Tattersalls Building
cnr Queen St and Edward St
Brisbane CBD
Tel: (07) 3220 1888

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