Monday, March 5, 2012

Tobawo - Eastwood

You know when you enter a restaurant and it makes you happy? Well, Tobawo is probably one of those restaurants. I haven't been to the Korean side of Eastwood for a while so it was the first time I've seen this restaurant (I'm assuming that it's relatively new), but it was the happy almost-childlike attraction that drew me in - the happy looking piggies on the wall!!! :)

At Tobawo, there's individual meals you can order, as well as bigger meals to share. My hubby and I decided to order an individual meal each. Hubby chose the Bossam ($12) and I chose the Jokbal ($12).

cute little piggies on the wall


Our meals come with a pumpkin soup, a spring onion pancake and 5 side dishes. The pumpkin soup was cold and mixed with a ricey gluggy thing that did not appeal to me much, but the rest of the freebies were AWESOME! I loved the spring onion pancake! It was thin but packed full of shallots. Not too floury or dense and full of flavour. The other side dishes were also good - especially the little anchovie type fishy thing. That was salty (but not overly so) and tasty. I could eat platefuls of those I think!

side dishes

On top of all those sides, we also get a spicy tofu soup and rice. The soup came out bubbling hot and was a touch on the spicy side. But again, full of flavour. Not a bad soup (especially if you like chili stuff).

Tofu soup

Now onto what we actually ordered. Hubby's bossam was quite nice. The boiled pork had a good layering of meat and fat and skin. It was served with kimchi and devoured happily by hubby. The pork wasn't as tender as it was at Jangdory but it was tasty all the same. My Jokbal (caramelised pork hoof) was also delectable. Smooth and silky due to the fat and the caramelised skin, and full of porky flavour. Mmm...

Bossam meal - $12
Jokbal - $12

For $12, I think we both got more than we bargained for. Definately a place to return to for a cheap and happy meal :)

Food - 8/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 9/10
Overall - 31/40

Rowe Street
NSW 2122


Potato Princess said...

Awww the piggies on the wall are cute! I hardly ever go to that side of Eastwood, but I should as there are so many Korean places there :)

bbsnoopy said...

Yeh - the attraction of the piggies drew me in.
Mind you - most of the food offered here involves eating piggies...