Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sam's Cafe - Epping

Looking for tastes that is a little different?
Try out this little cafe in Epping.

It offers an assortment of unusual Honky eats (e.g., coffee-flavoured meat, rice stuffed in squid) as well as the usual Asian favourites (e.g., spam and egg in instant noodles).

Usually quite crowded on previous visits to this humble little cafe, I was surprised to find it empty on a late-lunch Saturday. Nonetheless, we plowed in and got personalised service.

Although the shop offers fancy meals and desserts, my favourite has got to be the soup. Hence, I opted for the "lobster soup in buns" ($8.00). Most of the other soups come soufflé style, but this particular choice of mine comes with a soup bun, soaked in soup, and covered with cheese. Mmm... yum. (although it might still just be canned soup! LOL)

Lobster soup in buns - $8

My partner ordered the "Russian Borsch" ($6.80). Not as fancy as my soup, but again, probably previously canned. We also decided to share the 'tea flavoured ribs with rice' ($14). This is comprised of pork ribs, soaked in tea-flavoured broth and ovened. Not as tender as I remember it used to be, it was nonetheless, something different to the everyday pork ribs.

Russian Borsch - $6.80

Tea flavoured ribs with rice - $14

Food - 4/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 5/10
Value for money - 5/10
Overall - 20/40

Sam's Cafe
Shop 32
74-76 Rawson St

Epping 2121
Tel: 0424046377

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