Monday, January 5, 2009

Eats in Hong Kong - Dessert

What better but to start my HK dessert blog but with my fav - Häagen-Dazs icecream!!!
After looking for an eternity at the menu, my partner talked me into ordering the high tea (for just a bargain HK$150).

Below is what it included - 2 teas/coffees. My partner went for the iced chocolate, and I opted for the iced mochaccino (which are around HK$38 when ordered separately).

The high tea for two lets you choose 4 different icecream flavours (I ordered the strawberry cheesecake, belgium chocolate, cappuccino truffle, and vanilla), all of which are completely heavenly yumminess! If only Häagen-Dazs was in Sydney >.<

The second tier was less interesting - strawberry mousse, choc-vanilla creme mousse, and shortbreads. Mmm... tasted alright when drenched with icecream! :)

And the last tier was fruit~ I don't do banana or kiwi fruit or grapes... but I did dip a strawberry into the icecream! :)

So if you've yet to get the gist, the best things at Häagen-Dazs is the icecream!!! and the icecream makes all mediocre things taste yummy :)

Another dessert place I went to was slightly more pricey. HK$198 per head scored us a dessert buffet at the Grand Hyatt hotel in WanChai (but we had to book quite a bit beforehand).

The dessert selection was vast, but like with all dessert places, not all were equally appetising.

There was also a selection of cheese which proved too strong for my and my friends.

There were cakes, tarts, macaroons, hot desserts (eg. freshly made souffles and waffles), and a nice fruit selection.

The chocolate tart tasted average, the macaroons - a bit too sweet for my liking, and the tiramisu... mine tastes nicer! :)

My partner's nicely arranged waffles.

My icecream!!! There was dark chocolate and coconut-pinapple sorbet. Mmmm - it was sooooo yummy!

And a nice fruit selection (as I mentioned before). The fruits below the pinapple were mine, the wierd fruits above the pinapples were my partners :P

And lastly, a Honky dessert post would not be complete without some honkie desserts.

Below is my partner's red bean grass jelly dessert with icecream. Normally, people choose EITHER the vanilla OR the green tea icecream. My partner (being greedy) wanted both! (much to the surprise of the waitress who appeared dumbfounded).

This was mine - grass jelly with mango, sago and pompello. Mmmm... deliciousness!

And my friend's tofu with mango, sago and pompello. Although not a Honkie, my friend appeared to enjoy his "weird" asian food. :)

Well - that's dessert in HK. I can only wish that in the next few years, they (esp Häagen-Dazs) will franchise into Sydney (preferably next to where I live). :P