Monday, January 5, 2009

Eats in Hong Kong - Noodles

Many of my friends think I'm non-chinese-like because I very much dislike eating rice. Instead, noodles (including the 2-minute variety) makes my favourite meal.

So in HK, I was very happily indulging on cheap and yummy noodles!

First yummy stop was in Causeway Bay where you could pick anything up to 4 different toppings on either egg noodles, rice noodles, or ho fun, all served in a beef-brisket soup base (prices ranging from HK$24 - 28 depending on the number topping you pick). mmmm... yummm...

Here my friend picked octopuses, white radish and... beef tendon (i think?).

This is one with deep-friend tofu, beef brisket and fish cakes.

I was most greedy and picked 4 toppings. I had the beef ball, cuttlefish ball, beef tendon and white radish. It was most most excellent (esp the white radish!). So next time, I'd go for 4 toppings - white radish, white radish, white radish and white radish! :)

Another noodle place I'm a fan of is a fish ball place in Causeway bay. I ordered my favourite noodle soup at this place, the "4 bo fun" (which really means four gem noodle soup). This is simply fish ball, cuttlefish ball, fish cake slices and fish paste dumplings with lots of seaweed. Mmm... yummy :) All for a great price of HK$26!

My partner tried out the 3 cuttlefish noodles (octopus head, octopus legs and cuttlefish balls), also for HK$26. Super yummy and super cheap - what would we be eating for around $4 in Syd???

On another occation, my uncle bought me to the most famous fish ball place in HK - which happens to be where I live (ie. in Aberdeen).

As you can see, I got the combination noodle soup - with basically every type of artificial ball thing there is! Ok, maybe not entirely artificial - the shop claims to make it's own fish balls fresh every day and I'm inclined to believe them (very different to the type you eat at other fish ball places). The fish balls were "crisp" in nature (I know... it might be the wrong adjective) but really, super super fresh and very different to ones you get anywhere else.

So - fishball-wise, the shop in Aberdeen wins. But overall-wise... the plentiful seaweed filled noodle soup wins my vote! :)

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