Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eating our way through Seoul (2)

Now during our time in Seoul, we didn't manage to eat Korean food everytime - especially not at breakfasts (as we woke up late) and not at themeparks. So instead, we ate bread and burgers and buffets :P

First off - I have to say that Koreans really lucky to have have much much better coffee compared to Sydney-siders. The coffees, both hot or cold, is simply divine. Full of rich coffee flavour, smooth and really, just deliciousness. They also have super yummy rich smooth super chocolately milk. Mmmm...

chocolate milk
iced mocha
iced latte
hot latte

There are lots of bread bakeries in Seoul which serve deliciously soft yummy flavoured buns. One of the buns I had was this sausage hot dog type bun. Frankfurt in the middle, lots of mustard, topped with melty cheese and really soft yummy bread. Winner for me :) I'll be happy to eat it for breakfast all the time.

hot dog bun

At Everland (theme park in Seoul), we opted for a burger joint. My partner chose the Premium Big Burger whereas I opted for something lighter (we were going on crazy rollercoasters and stuff). The burger tasted... healthy! OMG - no excess dripping oil. The patty was still juicy. It was an okay good burger. My chicken popcorn pieces was also very yummy. Similar to KFC popcorn chicken but less greasy. Everything else was pretty average.

burger cafe
popcorn chicken
premium big burger

Now onto gourmet burgers. One burger joint which is present all over town is Kraze Burger. The burger here was served on a super super fluffy soft yet crisp bun. Everything was executed well. All the flavours blended well together. And it felt really healthy. My only qualm about it was the beef patty. It was a bit grainy - didn't stick together as well... probably coz it's premium and does not have much fat in it. Suits well for a change for a healthy diet I guess :P

Kraze Burger

The dinner of choice for our last night in Seoul was a seafood and sushi buffet at Todai in Myeongdong. What can I say? I was completely flabergasted by the huge array of choice at this place. I was soooo blown away! There was a whole huge aisle of sushi - every kind of sushi I could image pretty much. Unfortunately, whilst there was so much food - the quanty almost overwhelming - the quality of the food was only average. In fact, the salmon sashimi tasted frozen and slightly watery. But other sashimis (such as the flat fish and the white fish) was much much sweeter and better textured. In all, seafood in Seoul is just a so so. But we were impressed by the amount and variety of food offered. Maybe if Todai was in Sydney (with Sydney standard seafood), it will be a complete winner!

Todai sushi bar
sashimi, suchi and antipasto veges
mussel, seafood pastry, prawn and pork ribs
sushi galore, pork belly, clam skewer, seafood stirfry, tuna tataki
fresh seafood stirfry, pan fried beef, fried prawns, prawn tempura
alaskan crab
prawns, ribs, chicken wings, eel
crab mushroom soup
deep fried stuff
freshly cooked seafood pasta - super YUM :P
cream of mushroom and chive soup - super super YUM
dessert plate

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