Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taste of Shanghai (3) - Ashfield

For a girls catchup dinner, my friends and I decided to do it cheap but tasty at Taste of Shanghai in Ashfield. As there was only 3 of us, we decided to order three dishes.

We ordered a noodle dish - the shredded duck and veges stir fried noodles. This was pretty averagely tasty. A little on the oily side. Duck didn't taste like much but... I'm a noodle fan - I like pretty much all noodles.

shredded duck noodles

We also decided to be healthy and order a vegetable dish. It turned out to be possibly the most unhealthy dish of the night! It was bok choi with tofu puffs and the layer of oil that came with this dish??? Unbelievable. I reckon it was more than 1 cm thick. Underneath all the oil, it tasted like... well... still oil LOL

veges (super oily - do not order)

Last but not least, how could we come to Ashfield, eat Shang, and not have steamed mini pork buns? The mini pork buns here were really quite good. A good flour wrap/soup/pork ratio and it was really really tasty. Pork-tasting and not overly oily.

steamed mini pork buns - $8.80

So the lesson to be learnt here? Go all out on the dumplings and the meat!

Food - 7/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 26.5/40

Taste of Shanghai
264 Liverpool Road
NSW 2131
tel: (02) 9798 2877

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