Monday, June 28, 2010

Kagaya - Hurstville


We were on our way to the gong for a church camp. But I was hungry - and my partner was tipsy after work drinks. Food was definately on my mind.

As we were heading down South, I chose to eat at Kagaya in Hurstville. There has been mixed reviews on this. Some saying that it's really cheap, some saying crap service, some saying that they hiked up the prices, some saying that the sashimi was still frozen. What was I expecting? Not really sure...

We chose the Teriyaki Dinner set from an array of dinner choices. For $39.80, we were met with the following foods (+ green tea)...

Appetiser was vermicelli - with vinegary dressing. Complimentary. A bit plain but still quite appetite-opening.

Vermicelli appetiser

There was a huge plateful of teriyaki chicken. The chicken was good. The skin was crispy and covered with toasted sesame. The teriyaki sauce was sweet and strong. Ok - so the presentation is a bit crappy (especially the cabbage salad), but the taste of it was decent and the portion was huge~

Chicken teriyaki

There was a choice of sashimi or sushi. My partner opted for the sushi. Again, not beautifully presented and the way the sashi was cut may not be optimal. Nonetheless, it was quite tasty and fresh. The rice was a bit bigger than I liked... but overall, the sushi was decent.


We got an agedashi tofu each. The tofu was really crisp on the outside, a heap of shaved ginger on top and just not enough sauce I think. However, you could tell that they cooked it fresh. Wasn't bad at all.

agedashi tofu

In a choice of beef tataki and yakitori, my partner chose the yakitori. This resembled the taste of the teriyaki chicken - except not as tender. However, my partner liked this more. And so - it was good, no fighting. We had our choice dish each :)

yaki tori

Miso soup came next. Nothing special. Pretty ordinary tasting miso soup.

miso soup

There was also a bowl of rice each. Amazingly, I managed to not only not touch the rice, I ended up with a bowl of rice which was larger than what I started with! LOL

To end the night, there was a scoop of green tea icecream each. It wasn't super green-tea tasty, not was it super creamy or super sweet. But icecream! I'm up for icecream of any sort on a cold winter's night! (and yes, icecream does taste better in winter - said my partner).

green tea icecream

So all in all, it was a decent tasting cheap meal. We had a 25% off voucher - making it a grand total of $30 for the two of us. We were both stuffed and satisfied. The only thing I was confused about was the order in which the food came (yes - the order of which I blogged the photos is the order in which the soup came... ie. the mains came up before the entrees LOL).

Food - 6.5/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 8.5/10
Overall - 28/40

175 Forest Road
NSW 2220
tel: (02) 9580 8099


missklicious said...

That's super cheap!

bbsnoopy said...

super super super cheap!
don't expect super awesome food though - just decent LOL :P