Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Breakfasts in HK

My partner and I have just come back from the most hectic trip to HK to date. Albiet the exhausting nature of the trip, we had still managed to gobble up some good food. We missed a few good places but we tried out best.

One of the most awesomeness things about HK (apart from the awesome exchange rate at the moment) is the fact that you can get food for super cheap. I have a habit of waking up early every morning just to have breakfast with my uncle. Breakfast's I consumed in HK mostly range from around HK$18-27 (ie. around AUD$2-3... ie. dirt cheap). I mainly went to honky-style cafes (e.g. Cafe de Coral, Maxims, and Tsui Wah Restaurant).

My first breakfast in HK (as I got off the plane at 4am) was a delicious bowl of thousand year egg and pork congee, turnip cake and lemon tea (and yes it was all for the price of HK$18). It was sooooo yum! Especially the congee - perfect after a long flight.

cafe de coral : congee + turnip cake + drink

My uncle's favourite breakfast noodle soup was the homemade fish balls and fish paste puff with rice noodles in fish soup served with super yummy milk tea (HK$27). The fish balls were truely yummy but not as awesome as the home made fish paste puff. This was a mix of soggy deep-friedness and fishy-pasty springiness :) The medium-thickness rice noodles were also pretty good.

Tsui Wah: fishball fishpaste rice noodle soup

Yoshinoya in HK (as well as KFC) also serves breakfast. I had a decent ish mixed mushroom udon in beef broth served with Jap green tea one morning. It wasn't overly awesome, but it wasn't bad.

Yoshinoya: mixed mushroom udon

I also had a morning where I just felt like unhealthiness - sausages, spam and turnip cake. Again, served with a coffee/tea or whatever you feel like drinking. It was a rather odd combination, but it hits a few of my favourite things.

Maxims: sausages with spam with turnip cake

Congee served with steamed rice noodles. Pretty good. Rice noodles came with super oily soy, hoisin and peanut butter sauce.

Cafe de Coral: Congee with rice noodles

One of my favourite breakfasts was the satay beef with instant noodles. This was OMG YUM!!! It came served with creamed eggs, buttered muffins AND a drink. All this food for like HK$23. How on earth can I eat something as awesome in Sydney for AU$2-3 ???

Tsui Wah: satay beef instant noodles with creamy eggs and buttered muffins

One of my last brekkies was an abalone and ham shreds with macaroni, 2 fried eggs and buttered bread with a drink. It was pretty damn good - but I still prefer my instant noodles LOL :)

Tsui Wah: ham and abalone macaroni with fried eggs and buttered bread

All in all, breakfasts in HK is simply AWESOME! Sooooo super super cheap and decent quality. There is possibly simply no comparison in Sydney.

Tsui Wah Restaurant :
Cafe de Coral : www.cafedecoralfastfood. com
Maxims :
Yoshinoya :


Lil said...

OMG I love HK breakfasts!!
They are so satisfying
Especially for the price!

bbsnoopy said...

it's sooo amazingly awesome and cheap! wish we had those in Sydney (pref close to home) LOL

Dins said...

Thanks for posting this! I will be with my family this May 2011 and I am preparing our places to eat... :)