Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cafe de Macau (2) - Eastwood

Eastwood for lunch, again at a ridiculously late time, on a Sunday this time led us to Cafe de Macau. As we were late enough to order afternoon tea, and afternoon tea is reasonably cheaper, we decided on an afternoon tea each.

I decided to be healthier and ordered a lemon iced tea, whereas my partner ordered the red bean grass jelly icecream float. The red bean grass jelly icecream float is super awesomely delicious. I have to say, I think it's probably one of the best in town because it's got a huge gallop of icecream on top which melts into the milky redbean mixture. My lemon ice tea was also not bad.

lemon ice tea
red bean grass jelly icecream float

As for the meals, my partner ordered a beef brisket stir noodle. The beef brisket was tender and somewhat tasty and the noodles were average.

beef brisket stir noodles

I had a fish ball with thick rice noodle soup. A little bit bland ish. A little bit of salt probably would have enhanced flavours - but atleast this way, it gives an illusion of healthiness... ish?

fish ball rice noodle soup

So afternoon tea is $6.60, +$1 for cold drink or $1.50 for the red-bean float. Decent for Sydney prices, but when you convert it to HKD... actually, let's not go into that. LOL. At Cafe de Macau, if you want to order their afternoon teas, be sure to not get there before 2.30pm. You get shot down by awesomely rude staff :P

Food - 6.5/10
Service - 5.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 26/40

Cafe de Macau
1 Trelawney Street
NSW 2122
tel: (02) 9858 1366


Lil said...

I agree about the icecream float!! =D

bbsnoopy said...

yes - the best in town imo

MelbaToast said...

Wow - that red bean grass jelly icecream float looks incredible...a meal in itself!

bbsnoopy said...

It kind of is.
I remember that I was here once - and none of the food enticed me that day, and so I just ordered the redbean grass jelly thing and got full from that :)