Saturday, June 11, 2011

Azuma Kushiyaki - Sydney

We were just about to watch Hangover II but we were 1/2 and hour early, and it was just around dinner time. Wandering past the nearby restaurants and cafes, I stupidly believed that we had enough time to eat at Azuma Kushiyaki. Just a few skewers of meat on a grill - how long could that take... right? Answer = too long.

After a quick browse through the menu, we made our pick. Kaki Fry came out first. Three deep fried oysters - crunchy batter surrounding a decent-sized fresh oyster, and dunked into mayo. YUM.

kaki fry

I was also dying for sushi and hence, I ordered the salmon and avocado roll. I was slightly disappointed with this dish. It looked pretty - simply smothered with toasted sesame seeds. But this also translates to being able to taste nothing BUT sesame seeds. It also resulted in a mouthful of sesame seeds as I ate this. Not too awesome at all.

Italicsalmon and avocado inside out roll - $11

A kushiyaki platter (1 dozen skewers) was also ordered. With a range of beef, duck, lamb, chicken, fish, prawns, and veges, it was all very appetising espeically when sprinkled with their pink salt and cracked pepper concoction. I was pleasantly surprised by the tastiness and tenderness of their beef tongue which was thickly cut. The beef and the fishes were also very palatable. Of the veges, my favourite was the zucchini - moist and subtly juicy.

kushiyaki platter (1 dozen) - $29.80

Last but not least was the salmon head. This was going to be soft shell crab until my hubby changed the order at the last moment. A good choice though. Barbequed charred tasting with super tender and flavoursome salmon meat.

salmon head

And were we late for our movie? We quickly got the bill, ran out of the restaurant and just made it for the beginning of the movie :)

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29/40

Azuma Kushiyaki
Regent Place Shopping
Ground Level, 501 George St
NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9267 7775

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