Friday, June 17, 2011

Lori's Diner - San Francisco

As part of the American experience, my partner really wanted to eat at a diner. We chose one of the many many Lori's diner which lined San Fran streets.

There were duke boxes and vintage cars and other random stuff scattered throughout the diner. Pretty interesting - kind of like hogs breath but slightly classierish and less cluttered. Foodwise, we decided on a main each and a loaded potato skins to share.

The potato skins were thick. Slightly crisp on the outside and loaded with bacon and cheese. These were tasty but somehow, maybe could have been better ish.

loaded potato skins

I opted for an Edsel Burger. This was a super nice and juicy patty smothered with sauteed mushrooms and melted jack cheese on top with lettuce, tomato and onion in between 2 soft potato buns. I went for coleslaw as a side as requested by my hubby.

Edsel Burger

My hubby went for something different - the meatloaf. This was interesting. I think I'm a bit asian, but I've never had this type of ground meat combination. Not 100% sure what meats in here but I guess it was okay. I liked the mash - it was super creaminess.


Eating at diners is pretty good. I wouldn't mind having some diners here in Sydney. I did forget to tip them but... as they gave me the change in my hand and they didn't have a tip jar available... and since not tipping is a super nono in America - we ran for it!

Food - 6.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 28/40

Lori's Diner (Sutter location)
500 Sutter St,
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: (415) 981-1950

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