Monday, August 6, 2012

Three Beans Cafe - Castle Hill

Hubby and I haven't been to Castle Towers in AGES. Having practically grown up shopping only at Towers, it was a bit trippy to walk through and see all the changes that have taken place. One of the "new" (maybe only to me) additions is Three Beans Cafe which is situated next to the Gold Class Cinemas.

On this particular day, there was hardly anyone in the cafe (should definately have taken that as a sign!). We ordered coffee and breakfast. Hubby opted for a big breakfast whereas I, after much deliberation, decided on corn fritters and smoked salmon.

First off, we were charged wrongly... it was a difference of less than $10 so hubby decided to just let it be. I was comforted somewhat by decent coffee (both cappuccinos, one with skim). It was aromatic and slightly creamy ... better than a lot of other coffees you can probably get at the shopping centre.

But my comfort from the coffee very soon dissippated when I saw how they were preparing our food. Hint for anyone coming here... don't order hot food! They were cooking everything on sandwich presses ... This meant that eggs would be quite crappy and a lot of foods would simply be "reheated" rather than cooked. Alas, my guesses were right on the mark. Hubby's big breakfast was a bit of a mess - just slapped on a plate with no spare thought for presentation). As expected, eggs were crummy looking. The bread didn't seem to be toasted enough (The crust on top was good, everything else looked like it was barely touched by the toaster). The mushrooms were sauteed with butter so I guess you can't really go wrong there. And the bacon and tomato were just that. Nothing really to write home about.
Big breakfast
My corn fritters were worse. Tiny discuses of pre-made corn fritters barely just reheated. Tasted gluggy and unflavoursome. Relish seemed to be of the 'out of the jar' variety and my "rocket salad" became something else altogether. My smoked salmon (additional cost of like $4.50) was just stretched out to take up more plate space. Honestly... I've had better corn fritters and smoked salmon aboard a Qantas plane.
Corn fritters with Smoked Salmon
So would I come back for coffee? Maybe.
Would I come back for food? Definately not!

Food - 5/10
Service - 5/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 4/10
Overall - 20.5/40

Three Beans Cafe
Castle Towers Shop 454
Castle Street
Castle Hills
NSW 2154
Tel: (02) 8677 1550 


Potato Princess said...

That food looks bad :(

bbsnoopy said...

Twas bad indeed!

Ridala11 said...

OMG I agree 100%!
We ate there last week for lunch where I had corn fritters. Tasteless disgusting discs of corn with sad wilted lettuce(not rocket) of which there was 8 leaves put on the plant with a young mans ungloved hands!!! I witnessed this from my seat and was disgusted before the food hit the table!!!
Do not eat here! I agree the coffee was ok but still not worth a visit, there are so many better places to eat at Castle Towers!

jodi said...

Thanks for this review, I always wondered whether the food was worth trying at this "cozy" looking cafe! Definitely will be staying away from this place.

Amanda said...

I quite like this cafe, but then I always just have a coffee and a muffin. $1 muffins!!!!! I had been thinking of trying the corn fritters, but I think I will stick with the raspberry muffin.