Thursday, May 8, 2014

GT Fish & Oyster - Chicago

We were in Chicago over Easter. And what seemed like "the thing" to do was to go out to brunch on Easter Sunday. And so, after some trawling over the net, I found and booked 'GT Fish & Oyster' for a 3 course Easter Sunday Brunch. GT Fish & Oyster is a 'bibs gourmand' rated restaurant - so I guessed that it would be pretty decent. The verdict? Exceeds expectations!

We sat down, not really sure what to expect. As they had the name "oyster" in their name, and the waitress seemed so sincere when introducing the oysters available (some from east coast, some from west coast USA), we decided to get some to start our meal. We got a couple of oysters from 'Mirada' (Washington oysters), a couple from 'Penn Cove Select' (also Washington oysters), couple from 'Rappahannock' (from Virginia), and lastly, a couple from 'Saltworks' (also Virginia). Conclusion? Washington oysters were tastier... but really - Aussie oysters are yummier (esp coffin bay ones :P)

Onto our three course meal... We were initially in a conundrum - as there was 3 options in each course. We couldn't decide which option in each course to pick! The chicken and waffles? The lobster roll? Crab eggs benedict? There were too many tasty things on the menu!!! To our surprise (or shock), we didn't have to choose... we get them ALL!!! So it's a three course meal that's actually really like a NINE course meal. I have to say, we were definitely not the only table who were clutching a doggy bag, as well as our stomachs, out of this restaurant.

Course 1 was cinnamon churros with some tasty, flowery, sweet cream dip, Monkey bread with a crème fraîche and dill, and french toast with strawberries. It was ZOMG. Such a sweet sweet start. The churros were super crunchy, yet really soft and fluffy inside. Possibly one of the best churros I've actually had. The cinnamon dusting was actually really tasty. Hubby loved the french toast. This was also really light and fluffy. My favourite in course 1 was actually the monkey bread. I had no idea what monkey bread was before that day - this one was a savoury, semi-dense, but super tasty sesame bun. Simple. But I loved it!
The second course was a prawn cocktail, crab and spinach eggs benedict, and a white fish quiche. The prawns were fresh - tick! The crab in the eggs benedict was really tasty and really sweet-tasting. Really really liked this! But what blew me away was this quiche. Simple in appearance but in terms of taste??!? Packed full of flavour! The fish gave it a really sweet aroma. The eggy custard was smooth and light, but rich in flavour all round. The pastry was also good. Lucky we weren't made to choose one option of the three - I might have missed this spectacular dish!
The last course was a lobster roll with onion rings, a duck enchilada, and chicken & waffles. Let's start with the lobster roll. The lobster was fresh and with just the right amount of mayo, all served on a light buttery bread roll. The pickled veges and the onion rings were great accompaniments to this. The duck enchilada was definitely tasty - loads of duck and pretty yummy corn chips abound! But something definitely puzzled me in this meal - the chicken & waffles... This, according to my friend who lives in the US, is the next 'in' thing. This is a waffle with friend chicken, semi-drenched in maple syrup to make everything sweet. Sweet chicken...? Must be an American thing.

So we had a great experience at GT Fish & Oyster. Would definitely return if the food is of this quality all the time :) (and if we were ever in Chicago again).
Oh! And definitely don't have their coffee... 

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 32/40

GT Fish & Oyster
531N Wells St
Chicago, IL 60654
Tel: +1 312 929 3501


Macky Blaise said...

So you had a great experience at GT Fish & Oyster.? Well I will certainly experience what you have experienced.

bbsnoopy said...

I hope you have a great experience there too! :)