Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Post - Sydney's BEST speedy sushi

Sushi is the perfect food when you’re on the go: it’s light, full of energy and packs a pretty good flavour punch. It’s also pretty spill-friendly (as long as you go easy on the soy), making it ideal for a speedy business lunch.
Words and Photography provided by Menulog.

We’re lucky to live in a city that has embraced the art of Japanese cuisine and has such easy access to fresh seafood. Outside of central Sydney, however, it can still be difficult to track down genuine, quality sushi. Here are some quality restaurants around the city that will ease your craving for good sushi on the go.
What to order: The Aero, Botany and Bourke signature sushi rolls.

Yume, Gladesville

What to order: Brown rice sushi to be extra virtuous.

Watermoon, Potts Point
 What to order: Beautifully fresh sashimi.

Okonomy, Five Dock
What to order: The Entree (assorted sushi and sashimi) set.

Paper Planes, Bondi
What to order: The chicken teriyaki and salmon bento – for a taste of everything.

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