Thursday, February 19, 2015

Alfie & Hetty Restaurant - Glebe

We were invited by the great people at Alfie and Hetty to dine at their restaurant and try their food. Stepping into the restaurant, it felt really homey and cozy. Being two terraces (and previously two different restaurants) joined together and refurbished to it's original shine, the fireplaces, lighting, furniture, paintings, vintage everything - just made the place really comfy. The friendly and smiley staff also helps make you feel like home. They've even got an upstairs lounge area with it's separate bar, sofas and balcony area - perfect for a private function.
It took us a while to decide what to order as everything sounded really tasty. Smelling the wonderful aromas in the air didn't help us narrow down our options but we finally settled for a couple of entrees and a signature roast to share. The scallop entree was cooked perfectly. Like perfect Canadian scallops (AMAZING) on a bed of cauliflower puree and crumbed chorizo. The flavours can do no wrong and I just absolutely love the cauliflower puree - sooooo smooth, sooooo creamy, and soooo awesome with the bits of chorizo. It took a lot of self control for me to not lick the plate.
Our other entree was the beef tartare. We got a wonderful cylinder of hand cut pasture fed Hereford prime tenderloin which had this really creamy texture and zesty punch. It felt fresh and clean and wonderfully morish. Whilst egg yolk is normally placed on the top of the beef pile, at Alfie and Hetty, the egg is mixed in with the cut up beef - probably the source of the creaminess. It came with handcut  rustic-looking chips and aioli. Who can say no to that? :)
As for the main - we opted for their signature smokey beef ribs to share. It definitely could feed two people cos it was massive and it smelt just so good! I wish I could ask the beef to smile as it is so unphotogenic - but oh so good. The menu said that 2 days of TLC was put into cooking this beef and you could kind of tell - the meat just simply melted in our mouths. No knife required - just so so so so tender! The sauce glaze on top was smokey and BBQy but hubby pointed out that if there was a good smokey chilli sauce on the side (like at the American joints), it would have made it even better! But honestly, I was pretty happy to sink my teeth into this meat. There was sweet potato and wilted greens scattered around but really, nothing could draw us away from the beef. I eyed some lamb roast from other tables and that looked just as succulent and tender as our beef. Worth checking out next time I think!
Since we had stuffed ourselves with glorious meat, our stomachs only allowed us to share a dessert. It was a tough toss up between their creme brûlée, chocolate fondant, and apple-rubarb crumble (which came highly recommended by their super friendly manager). The brûlée won our hearts and we were not disappointed. Great toffee layer on top and smooth, vanilla-rich custard - it was superb! Awesome finish to our meal :)
It was a really enjoyable night. We knew we were in for a treat from the moment we stepped in, with the delicious aromas filling our senses. And we were not disappointed. Would not mind revisiting this restaurant again in the future!

As anyone who mentions this blog post gets 10% (til the end of Feb), it's not a bad idea to try out this place soon! :)

Alfie & Hetty
207/209 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW 2037
Tel: (02) 8957 0652

We dined as guests of Alfie & Hetty but the photos and comments are entirely our own. 

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