Sunday, February 15, 2015

Knafeh - North Strathfield (pop-up)

My friend told me that Knafeh, the hipster Jerusalem street food truck, was going to be popping up at the end of my street for a few days. Having passed on the opportunity to try it at previous markets and festivals due to long lines, I just had to go. Being on the corner of George St and Parra Rd in North Strathfield, I was thinking that there'd be less lines... but I couldn't be more wrong.
Lines and waittimes were still plentiful, even though it was in the carpark in the middle of no-where. We ordered a knafeh ($8) with ashta booza ($4). There's a good production line happening with hipster-looking men (with beards ofcourse) making this seemingly simple Levantine dessert.
The Knafeh is a thick, porridgy, subtly sweet baked cheesy blob with a crunchy crushed cereal-like top. The added booza was like a clotted cream with thick, sticky texture. Crushed pistachios on top was a good addition and unlimited sugar syrup was at our disposal. I believe that this is a love it or hate it dessert. And judging by the lines - loads of people love it. Unfortunately, I don't think this is for me...
If you want to try this place, they will be here again from 19-22nd of Feb!
Knafeh (pop up)
Cnr George St & Parramatta Rd
North Strathfield
NSW 2137

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