Thursday, May 7, 2009

Masuya - Sydney

I have been complaining to my partner for quite a while now about why we haven't returned to some of our "regular" restaurants since the start of this blog. The thing is, there used to be a ton of restaurants we used to frequent, and yet, we've not had any chance of talking about these places!

After a lot of wingeing, my partner decided to book in Masuya, a Japanese restaurant we used to eat at for it's awesomeness soy-milk hot pot during the cold winter months.

Masuya Japanese seafood restaurant

Busy on a Saturday night as expected, the waiters and waitresses whisked us to our tables. Service after that was a little forgetful, not 100% attentive, but eventually gets what you want them to get.

Green Tea

Masuya Mojito

This particular night, we decided to order the Masuya Salmon Salad ($12.80). This comprised of marinated salmon, onion, creamy blue cheese, onion, and greens served with a rice vinigarette dressing.

Masuya's Salmon Salad - $12.80

I believe that this was my first time to see brocoli in salad - and there must be a reason for that! (brocoli in salad is just weird). On my first attempt at this salad, I wrapped a piece of salmon in a large green leaf and drenched it in the vinigarette. It was quite nice. Then I tried it with both the salmon and the blue cheese in a large leaf, again drenched with the dressing. It was heavenly! The cheese just adds that extra element to make this salad simply sublime~

Sushi and Sashimi - $29.80

After a long debate over several tasty-looking items on the menu, we also ordered the sushi and sashimi ($29.80). This comprised of four kinds of sashimi (salmon, king fish, tuna and scallop), and assorted sushis (sushi, salmon, tuna, king prawn and spider sushi roll). This dish was similar to any other sushi/sashimi set you can get at any other jap restaurants. The sashimi was fresh, but not spectacularly fresh, the sushis were also alrite - but again, not spectacular. Just very average, very normal, very expected.

Ooo... and the soy sauce on the left was for sashimi, the soy sauce on the right was for sushi. What's the difference? I guess one soy sauce was stronger than the other. The sauce for sashimi seemed less potent. I think...they were quite similar.

And now for the long awaited Sapporo hot pot ($45 - 2 person). As evidence of how long we haven't been here, this hotpot has changed. Whilst the soup base remained awesomenessly good - there is even a subtle difference. It is now comprised of soy milk and sweet miso, whereas before, it was soy milk, chilli and dashi. As a non-chilli eater, I was cheering for the change. They do, to compensate, provide a good side plate of chopped chilli, corianda and garlic (for those craving for the extra flavour). The more noticeable difference in this dish is that now they put all the ingredients in the pot at the beginning (exception beting the oysters). Before, all ingredients were on a plate and you could put them in when you want (like a normal hot pot). But because of the new design (everything in the pot at once), there is a very noticeable disadvantage - everything is cooked at once! and amazingly, you can't everything at once!!! The end result is that some items become dissappointly overcooked >.<

Sapporo hot pot (pre lid lifting) - $45


This new invention also means that there is less food - there used to be more veges and udon. Now they cut down on the veges and udon becomes non-existent. Nonetheless, the soup is still awesome, the salmon and the chicken are likewise awesome. I love whatever vege they have in it. And my partner and I have mixed opinions on the blue swimmer crab. I believe that the crab meat is super soft and soaks in the soup. My partner will prefer a crab-less hot pot, partly due to laziness and partly because he does not appreciate the mushy texture of the crab. The scallops are unfortunately, yet expectedly, overcooked and no longer a highlight. However, because you get to cook the oysters yourself - oysters are still supberb. What else is in this hot pot? I think I just left out the fish balls - and these were quite average I thought.

By the end of all this food, my partner and I had no stomach left for dessert. Whilst a little disappointed at the change in the layout of the hotpot, my partner and I still left satisfied and Masuya stays on our list of decent Japanese restaurants.


Food - 8.5/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 30/40

Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant
Basement Level,
12-14 O'Connell Street
Sydney 2000
tel: (02) 9235-2717

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