Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nadia's - Blacktown

A quick brunch with uni friends took us to Nadia's Cafe at Blacktown. The menu offered a lot of appetising-sounding choices and so, what to eat was definately a tough one this morning.

Drinks first. I ordered my usual - iced mocha with skim milk minus the cream (I hate the taste of full-cream milk and I hate the taste of cream) ($5.20). Mmm... tastey.

Iced mocha - $5.20

My friend's iced-chocolate ($5.20) complete and overflowing with cream. My friend said it was average too.

Iced chocolate - $5.20

Now... the awesome drink. A Snickers milkshake ($5.50). Omigoshhh!!! It was soooo Snicker's like I felt as though I was seriously drinking the chocolate bar. The Mars bad milkshake ($5.50) was also good - but not as great. Tasted more like a caramel milkshake.

Snickers milkshake (the Mars bar one looks the same but tastes less awesome) - $5.50

Foodwise - one of my friends opted for a chicken gourmet brie salad bagel ($11.90). She said it was awesome. My other friends who also tasted this thought otherwise.

Chicken bagel - $11.90

A simple turkish toast with melted butter and jam ($4.50) was a choice by another friend. Interesting choice - looks huge and filling.

Turkish toast - $4.50

A tandoori chicken wrap ($11.90) was also ordered. Very tandoori-like with avocado and other nice veges. My friend didn't like this toooo much (but he thought it was too chilli for his liking). It looked huge though!

Chicken tandoori wrap - $11.90

Now my dish - the most awesome of the lot (thought I) was the eggs benedict with ham ($13.90). The poached eggs were not as runny as I liked, but they weren't overcooked - so passes! The spinach and the ham and the sauce Mmmm......... I love eggs benedict and though this was not the best I've had, it still satisfied my cravings :)

Eggs Benedict - $13.90

The service here was not great - I don't think they bothered with us much. But the ambiance and food is acceptable.

Food - 7/10
Service - 5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 26/40

Nadia's Cafe
K6, Lvl 2
tel: (02) 9671 2018

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Anonymous said...

Nadias blacktown is great.Service good staff friendly.Food good. I go there all the time. Kytie 2011