Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cafe Segovia - Melbourne CBD


Being my first blog post, I thought I would introduce myself. I am the chili eating, tomato loving carnivore that my partner mentions throughout this blog. I currently live in Melbourne and will try to blog about the food I encounter here.

Please excuse the poor quality of these photos as find it hard to carry my bigger camera around so I am limited to a 2 mega-pixel i-phone camera.

Cafe Segovia is a small cafe hidden in the back of the Block Arcade in Melbourne CBD. The entrance to this arcade can be found on Little Collins Street. The laneway is home to many small cafes . A friend of mine has recommended this place for breakfast and coffee. So I was not expecting too much as we stumbled upon this place for dinner at about 10pm.

Being a first time blogger, I had forgotten to write down the prices or the names of the dishes.

Steak Sandwich with French Fries

This was our first dish out of 3. Toasted bread with grilled tomatoes, rocket, semi dried tomatoes and beef steak topped with a tangy mayonnaise sauce. This sandwich proved to be difficult to share between 3 people, but with great difficulty, I managed to cut the sandwich into bite size pieces to share. Taste wise, the sandwich was ordinary.

Salami Pizza

Salami and Rocket Pizza. Again, your standard Pizza that satisfies your hunger but doesn't really compare to 'Wood & Stone' in Surry Hills, Sydney (my personal favorite)

Lemon and Pumpkin Risotto

As I started to chew my first spoon of this Risotto I encountered an odd texture in my mouth. It felt like I bit into a piece of lemon skin. It turns out, I did bite into a lemon skin. There were many more wedges of lemon scattered within the risotto, which I decided to put aside. (I am not too fond of bitting into the skin of the lemon) The lemon however gave the the risotto zest and also a tangy citrus flavor which accompanied the pumpkin surprisingly well. This was the best dish of the night.

I've found a couple of pictures of this cafe and posted the pictures below.

Cafe Segovia during the day

Block Arcade

Overall, the ordinary 'ness' of the food is made up by the relaxing atmosphere, talkative and friendly staff and relatively cheap food. I definitely want to revisit this place for breakfast/lunch or coffee. I heard they have live bands on Thursday and Friday evenings, perfect for jazz lovers.

Food - 5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 6/10
Overall - 26/40

Cafe Segovia
33 Block Place
Melbourne CBD
Tel: 9650 2373
Opening Hours: 7.30am to late Mon-Sat, 9am to 6pm Sun

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