Friday, September 5, 2008

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant - Beverly Hills

Love. Elegance. Beauty.

It was my parent's 27th anniversary today. Being an only child (and since my partner deserted me for the wondrous city of Melbourne), I was stuck being a third wheel on my parent's special day.

Supposed to be pale purple roses - but looks more Pink. I much prefer blue though~! (nevermind, they belong to my lovely mum)

Well, my mum had a craving for big fat juicy oysters (cooked the asian way), and since she's the boss of the house, we trekked to Beverly Hills "Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant". Parking is a nightmare, but we eventually made it.

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant

First to come was the house soup - watercress carrot and pork bone soup. It was a nice surprise to find it un-oily, which is how most other asian restaurants tend to serve soup on the house.

House soup - watercress, carrot and pork bone soup

Well, you guessed it, we ordered my mum's request - big fat juicy oysters cooked with shallot and ginger in a soy sauce dressing ($4.50 each). And they did not disappoint! mmm... yummm...

Mum's request - oysters cooked with ginger and shallots

Close-up of my big fat oyster

I wanted to try the live pippies cooked in rice wine (which I later found out was super expensive - more than $50). It was nice, refreshingly different to the usual pippies in XO sauce style. But probably not worth the cost.

Pippies cooked in rice wine

To compensate for the un-XOed pippies, we ordered XO scallops. Wasn't too chilli (which is super, cos I'm not a chilli eating person) and the scallops were pretty spectacularly yum. Not overcooked or tough - but tender and "melt-in-your-mouth+ flavour" feeling.

Scallops in XO sauce

Something else I found super delicious at this restaurant is the mixed mushroom and tofu hot pot. I love mushrooms (especially oyster mushrooms) and tofu works for me. Having them together, sizzling hot in a little pot immersed in an oyster sauce base - delicious!

Mixed mushroom and tofu hotpot

Now for a normal dish - pork chops in peking sauce. Alot of pineapples involved (which I like), and the meat was nice and tender. But, compared to everything else, was really, just like every other pork chop in peking sauce.

Pork chops in peking sauce

Finally, came the complementary fruit. Mmm... watermelon. Having just survived winter, I crave watermelon :)
complementary fruit platter (with my mum's fingers as she was too eager to eat it and wouldn't let me finish taking a photo first)

The total bill came to around $160 - with the main contributor being the pippies. The pippies are refreshingly different to how I'm used to having them... but not spectacularly good to warrant the price. Nonetheless, try for yourself, form your own opinion. In all, The scallops and oysters win my vote - with the mixed mushroom hot pot coming in close... and... as far as Chinese restaurants go, this is quite a good one!

Food - 9/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 29/40

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant
503 King Georges Rd
Beverly Hills, NSW 2209
Tel: (02) 9580 0788

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