Monday, September 8, 2008

Pancakes on the Rocks - Northmead

On the Saturday night before father's day, my friends and I had lots of trouble trying to find a restaurant to accommodate a crew of more than 15.

Thus, we chose a 'restaurant' which accepts only a limited number of reservations - ie. Pancakes on the Rocks @ Northmead.

I guess the only difference between the one at Northmead and the one at the Rocks is the vicinity (closer to home) and the fact that it's not 24 hours. The quality of the food? the same - but, what can we expect?

On this particular night, everyone was starving, so I was unfortunately unable to take photos of what everyone ordered. I only managed my own dish, and those lovely people who were siting next to and in front of me.

So, first up, we have a crisp looking Chicken and Bacon Pizza ($17.95). Comprised of chicken and bacon pieces with tomatoes (both fresh and sundried), mushrooms, tomato salsa, cheese, and sour cream and guacamole were plonked on. As my friend often managed to eat the topping without the accompanying base, my guess is that middle tomato/guacamole sauce base didn't do a very good job and sticking them together. Nonetheless, my friend seemed to enjoy the feed.

Chicken & Bacon Pizza - $17.95

Then there was the tandoori chicken pizza ($17.95) which my friend (who LOVES Indian food) very much appreciated. It has marinated chicken bits, with spanish onions, cashew nuts, mozzarella cheese, and topped off with mango chutney, minted yoghurt, and more more (slightly invisible) cashew nuts!
tandoori chicken pizza - $17.95

Then my dish - chicken and mushroom crepe ($15.95). That funny golden part is crusted parmesan cheese, very very concentrated parmesan... which makes it slightly too flavoursome to eat alone (despite being a cheese lover), but complements the slightly tasteless creamy chicken and mushroom crepe quite adequately.

chicken and mushroom crepe - $15.95

The Monte Cristo crepe ($14.95). Inside is chicken and smoked ham and cheese. No comments were made about this dish. So... let's just go by the look. Average again.

Monte Cristo crepe - $14.95

And now for something sweet - the Devils Delight ($13.95). What you see is what you get. Two super chocolately pancakes, chocolate ice-cream, strawberries and cream. Yum... but in small portions.
Devils Delight - $13.95

Now for sides. Potato wedges ($6.95) with sweet chilli sauce ($0.95), and sour cream ($1.25). Again, average.
Potato wedges - $6.95

And a caesar salad ($12.55). Judge for yourself the presentation (below average in my opinion) and the taste was likewise (or worse).

Caesar Salad - $12.55

In all, pancakes (and the other foods they serve here) definitely taste better when your super hungry at some late hour of the night. But for dinner, it's a good last resort.

Food - 4/10
Service - 5/10
Ambiance - 5/10
Value for money - 6/10
Overall - 20/40

Pancakes on the Rocks @ Northmead
100 Briens Road (Corner of Redbank Road),
Tel: (02) 9683 4322

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