Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant (2) - Beverly Hills

I graduated again recently! YAY!

What it meant, however, was another boring ceremony which ended roughly around 8pm. By the time we get out - say goodbye, do some other random stuff, make it to a place to eat... it's 9pm! So late dinner it was.

My parents, partner and I decided to dine in Beverly Hills at the Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant. Ridiculous name - but fantastic food. The "midnight snack" menu is meant to start at 10pm, but the waiter said that if we ordered a seafood item (which also slashes price after 9pm), he can give us the "midnight snack" deals.

This is what we ended up getting on the night...

First to come up is scallop congee. Seeing that my mum was feeling a bit sick and that I love congee and scallops - this dish was pretty perfect. The congee was extremely tasty and was infused with that seafoody sweetness. The scallops was the frozen variety so how they managed to make the congee so yummy tasty and sweet was a mystery. If I had to guess - it probably had to do with some additives of the chemical nature... Nonetheless, it was still delicious.

Align CenterScallop Congee

Salt and pepper deep fried white-bait fish was also part of the package. This was slightly less crunchy than I would have liked, and slightly more chilli than I had anticipated. I've always found this dish rather fascinating to eat cos you're like eating A WHOLE FISH! it's head, eyes, brain and all, its bone and spine, all the way to the tail! It's amazing! And half the time, it doesn't even register in my head that I'm chomping down a whole fish.

Deep fried white bait

The green veges came out - just in time to relieve my chilli-burning mouth. These were very ordinary and slightly over oily. So oily, in fact, that I'm not even convinced greens are good for you anymore.


Next came the one dish that wasn't part of the deal - the "four treasures of the sea". This comprised of a scallop, an oyster, an abalone, and a clam/shell-fish variety. We ordered two portions of these. Unfortunately, my partner gobbled up the clam/shell-fish thing before I could take a close up of it. In general, the seafood was fresh - tastily steamed in shallots, ginger and sweet soy sauce. The scallop had an extra dallop of crushed garlic on it to add more flavour and oyster, though not huge, was still plump and juicy.

Four treasures of the sea

The deep fried prawns and deep fried rice noodle base came out next. This dish was HUGE and soaked in a super rich, slightly overwhelmingly tasty tomatoey sweet-chilli ish sauce. Because of the sauce, the prawns lost a bit of it's crunch. As I was lazy, I was able to chomp down one prawn - shell and all, but for the next one, the shell was too soggy and normal-fied that I had to actually peel it off before ingesting the prawn meat. The rice noodle base had it's crunchy bits and also it's nice soft and soggy bits (which I love). However, as the whole sauce this was slightly overwhelming, it was a bit of a rude shock to have a bowl full of oily sauce and bits of rice noodles swimming in it. Ahhh... so unhealthy but extremely tasty.

deep fried prawns and rice noodles

Last came what probably ought to have been the cold-cut entree. Cold cuts of marinated beef, pork and jellyfish. This dish was probably one of the least oilified and hence, gave a good fresh finish to the evening.

cold-cut plate (beef, pork and jellyfish)

All up, the service here isn't the best (unless you are a regular ... and then the waiters get chummy with you). The food is tasty and yummy but slightly on the over-oily side. And price-wise, we got away with paying just slightly over $80 for this much food (and much food was taken away in take-away boxes).

Food - 8/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 29/40

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant
503/505 King Georges Rd
Beverly Hills
NSW 2209
tel: (02) 9580 0788

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