Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Curzon Hall - Marsfield

This Saturday was met with memories and emotions.

It was my friend's wedding.

It was held at the church mine will be at in a month's time - so I felt my heart skipping a beat throughout the procession. The wedding was met with laughter and tears.

A lunch reception was at Curzon Hall - the place of our high school formal. I remember that I was as sick as a dog on the night of my formal, raging super high temperatures, I still perservered and went - but due to my sickness, most of the night was a blur to me. Since my school formal, Curzon hall had undergone several renovations and hence, it looked absolutely splendid, grand and amazing in the hall which my friend chose for his reception.

Our table :)

Food was served as promptly as could be for around 28 tables. As an entree, we were met with basil linguini tossed with salmon, tasmanian scallops and topped with mixe herbs. It was drenched in a realatively heavy and oily chives & pernod cream. We were all really hungry though and just gobbled this one down. As the portion was rather huge, we were all kind of full by the end of this first course :P

basil linguini with salmon and scallops in a creamy chives and pernod sauce

The meals were broken up with more speeches, more hugs and more laughter. Perfect :)

In terms of mains, there was alternate lamb and chicken. The rack of herb crusted lamb was served on fluffly mash potato, surrounded by fresh rocket leaves, snow peas and drenched with red wine jus. My friend who had the lamb said that it was an enmeshment of just intense sauced up flavour. However, it was difficult to distinguish the specific flavour of each item. All enmeshed according to my friend.

rack of herb crusted lamb

I was lucky enough to escape an untimely death with lamb and instead, got the slow baked grain fed baby chicken. It was really quite tender, and was marinated in fresh garden herbs. A ring of potato, leek and onion was quite endearingly hearty and rich. Scattered everywhere was baby button mushrooms, tiny pearl onions and bits of smoked speck. All this was again drenched in a slightly over-poweringly sauvignon and lemon thyme sauce.

slow baked baby chicken

Then was the bride and groom's speech - and a groom's special surprise song to his lovely new wife.

And before long - there was dessert. A three-toned cylinder of white chocolate, hazelnut and chocolate gelato. It was sprinkled with crushed belgium chocolate and accompanied by mixed berries. The gelato was amazingly yummy. Icey enough, chocolatey enough, sweet yet not too sweet. Mmm... Yummy :)

3-tone gelato

And so, the joyous day was filled with emotions - all happy ones. I would have loved to stick around and reminisce but unfortunately, reality was calling and I had to dash.

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - ?
Overall - 22 + ?/40

Curzon Hall (Lady Mary's Pavilion)
53 Agincourt Road
NSW 2122
Tel: (02) 9887 1877


Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Wow - those meals look huge! I've been there for a wedding too - though the food was unmemorable...

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I had my wedding ceremony at Curzon Hall (although not my reception) and it is every bit as beautiful as you could hope for a wedding.

Now if only we could have convinced the parentals to forego a Chinese reception, we could have indulged in some of this yummy food as well!

bbsnoopy said...

Yeh - the meals were HUGE! It was decent in taste but some of the sauces were a bit overpowering. But the place was absolutely beautiful :)

Melisa said...

Aww, I attended formal there too! Absolutely gorgeous place, looks like the food has dramatically improved. Yum!