Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Paul's Famous Burgers - Sylvania

So one day, we were in the Shire area with a few friends. One of our friends had heard of a place with fantastic pineapple crush. Naturally, we all wanted to try it. The pineapple crush was housed in a burger joint, which was also supposedly quite famously good (hence even the word "famous" in their name). However, as we were in a hurry that time, we couldn't stop for a burger - no matter how tempting the waft of wonderful aromas were. Naturally, that's where hubby wanted to go the following weekend. Hence, we trekked to the Shire again, for the sole allure of amazing burgers.

There is quite a line for this burger joint but it is quite efficient with many workers doing their specialised roles behind the counter. We ordered 1L of the pineapple crush, small chips, a cheeseburger for me and a "special" burger for hubby.
Pineapple Crush
I quite like the pineapple crush. It's meant to be real pineapple juice, so there's loads of little crushed pineapply pieces floating everywhere. It's not overly sweet but it's definitely refreshing.
small hot chips
You can't have burgers without chips - right? The chips were hot and looked a perfect golden colour. It was absolutely deliciousness, especially when dipped into their "special" sauce (which was aioli made of mayo, garlic and mustard).
the "special" - hamburger with egg and bacon - $7.50
I'm not sure why my hubby ordered the "special" which was a hamburger with egg and bacon. He, of course, couldn't resist the allure of adding beetroot to it, making it a whopping big burger! Funnily enough, it's actually not even the biggest burger in the joint - the 'Works' burger with absolutely everything you can think of (pineapple, cheese, tomato, lettuce, egg, bacon, etc etc etc) is the store highlight and people left right and center were ordering it. However, when hubby's 'special' burger came it, it was already too big (and slightly too soggy) for him to eat in one piece. I think he enjoyed it - but only to a certain extent. If we were ever back, I'm pretty sure he'll stick to ordering just a hamburger with beetroot.
cheeseburger - $6.70
My cheeseburger was pretty delicious! Just the right size. Juicy patty, melted cheese and a balance of lettuce and tomato to make it seem semi-healthy. I had mine with their 'special' sauce (ie. the garlic aioli) and absolutely loved it!

Paul's burger is a pretty popular burger place in the Shire. They have also won several awards, including best burger in Australia in 2012. It's a decent burger place ... but just really far if you live anywhere that's not the shire.

Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 31/40

Paul's Famous Burgers
12 Princes Hwy
Sylvania NSW 2224
Tel: (02) 9522 5632

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