Monday, November 22, 2010

Eats on the Plane

Sydney's cheapest McDouble can be found at the airport~ :)

I'm quite a big fan of Maccas (which really puzzles some of my friends because they don't understand how I can appreciate super high end expensive 3-hat food and still enjoy super oily greasy random fastfood) and of late, I have been taking quite a liking to their McValue menu. Particularly, I was in love with the 'deluxe cheeseburge' when it used to be out (cheeseburger with lettuce instead of pickles... omg yum!), and now, I love their McDouble - not only for it's price, but also for it's greasy meaty tastiness.

Amazingly, I got my McDouble - my two beef patties, slice of cheese, tomato relish and pickles all encased in two super sugared up buns - for $1.80!!! Why? Cos my awesome partner has staff discount - all 20c worth LOL . Laughs aside though, the McDouble I had at the airport is pretty much by far the greasiest oiliest McDouble I've had...


As we were on the night flight from Sydney to Hong Kong, we were fed with a supper and a breakfast.

For supper, my partner opted for a bowl of spiced braised beef and noodle soup with hot bean paste whereas I went for the seared suzuki mulloway with black olive butter, steamed potatoes and asparagus. This was served with a green leaf salad with feta and snow peas. The salad was pretty average. I'm not a huge fan of fetta so to me - it was just a green salad with qantas vinaigrette. My partner seemed to enjoy his noodles OK - it was a bit red but he said that it wasn't chilli. My fish was a little overdone (but what do you expect when they have to reheat it in an oven?) - and just slightly bland I think.

greens with feta and snow peas
spiced braised beef and noodle soup
seared suzuki mulloway

For dessert, my partner had the cheese plate whereas I had a mango and coconut ice-cream with mango sauce. The air hostess apologised profusely for my melted icecream. Horrible presentation aside, I thought it actually tasted really nice~ Like a weiss bar... but with coconut instead of cream! YUM :) In retrospect - I definately should have asked for more hehe :)

cheese plate
mango and coconut ice-cream

Breakfast on the way there was a bit of a downer - they only had a continental breakfast menu to choose from. Ticking away, I had the croissant, a citris fruit bowl, and a hot chocolate. Odd combination - yes, but after a long plane ride, I was feeling a bit too gluggy to care. Afterall, we landed in HK at 4am! Yes - NOTHING was open - not even the buses or the airport express!!! Well, actually, 7/11 was open.

croissant, a citris fruit bowl, hot chocolate

We again caught the night flight back from HK to Sydney. Here, we were served with dinner, instead of supper - which really means you get a choice of entree. My partner opted for a prosciutto and bocconcini salad whereas I opted for soup. I have to say, my soup - which is a duck and taro soup - was one of the weirdest oddest soups I've drank. Why? Well, I normally don't have taro in my soup... However, my partner's prosciutto looked appetising :)

prosciutto and bocconcini salad
duck and taro soup

For mains, I had a roast chicken with creamy sauce, potatoes and beans. My partner had a salmon with rice with bok choi. Remembering my previous experiences with airplane fish, I was happily gobbling down my juicy tender chicken with creamy sauce. YUM :)

roasted chicken
salmon and rice with asian greens

For dessert, it was some sort of cake with fruity bits in it. Don't quite remember what fruits - but it was something I didn't really want to eat. And so, I let my partner have the cake, and I took my fruits. There were meant to be grapes, but as I didn't want grapes, I got extra pineapple! Score! :)

cake and cream
fresh fruit

Breakfast this time did include hot options. My partner went for his museli and fruit and yoghurt and toast whereas I had my creamy eggs, sausages, smoked salmon and potato hash. Between the two of us, we probably ticked close to everything (bread and pastries aside)... but nothing of ours was the same. We have such opposite tastes but I guess that's when they say - opposites attract! Atleast we won't be fighting for food :) In all honesty, the breakfast is GOOD. If it wasn't for me feeling so tired and exhausted and gluggy, I probably would have enjoyed it much much more.

toast, fruit and yoghurt, museli with milk

scrambled creamy eggs, smoked salmon, sausages and hash

Rockpool inspired or not - my plane food experience this time was slightly average ish. Could be better but hey - it's food on a plane so what should I expect?


Maria said...

Thanks for reporting back with your airline meals.. even the airport food! I love this kind of coverage. I have an airline food meal on my blog sidebar which I try to change every couple of weeks..and I also did a review of the Virgin Blue lounge (which featured food).

Those brekky eggs look quite underdone. Can I assume you flew business class? (I'm trying to judge by presentation)! Can I ask which airline?

Enjoying your blog :)

bbsnoopy said...

It's the Qantas plane meals.
I've had a few decent ones from them, but it didn't quite cut it this time.
I think that the best economy plane meal I've had in the past is on Air NZ :)