Monday, November 15, 2010

Nakashima - The Rocks

My partner and I had booked in for pre-wedding photos. Since it has been raining quite a lot recently, it had me checking the weather reports (which were ever-changing and ever-conflicting) and thank God, it was quite an amazing day - albiet the slight drizzle. Our awesome photographer from Amuse Photography stuck with us all day and ran around for us because half the time, we were like... "what?" "can't hear you" "what did you want us to do?"... but luckily, he was very much patient with us LOL.

So after a whole afternoon of shooting, we were all slightly famished and wanted something to eat. We had initially wanted pub-grub, but being completely packed out all over The Rocks area, we finally decided to eat at Nakashima.

Us, our photographer, and our little entourage of helpers decided to order a main each, and then something to share between all of us. I think I must have been the most oddly dressed customer at the restaurant - wedding dress with a shirt on top (only because I'm lazy). Nonetheless, despite my odd attire, the waitresses still treated us nicely and with a smile.

I ordered a sashimi salad. This was a nice big bowl of cabbage and carrots and seaweed with quite a lot of sashimi cubes (tuna, salmon, kingfish), even though most of the sashimi cubes were in the middle of the whole greenery (and hence, uncaught by my camera). The sashimi was nice and cold and fresh, and mixed with the salad dressing and the cabbage - not a bad feed at all.

Sashimi Salad

My camera did the rounds at the table. I believe that one of our friends ordered a seafood udon? or maybe it was a tempura prawn (singular) udon? He polished it off, but he went on about how there's this udon place in Japan which is the bomb - which gives me the signal that this probably isn't the most awesome udon he's had.

Tempura prawn udon

Another of our friends ordered a tonkatsu. The sauce came separately. It looked a nice golden brown and there were no complaints by him - so I can only deduce that it was pretty alright.


This vegetable hotpot looking thing is actually a gyoza hotpot. The gyoza is non-deep fried. So essentially, it's a dumpling and vege soup. The dumplings are all hidden underneath and so, on the surface, this can easily be mistaken for just veges in soup :P

Gyoza hot pot

My partner and our photographer ordered a kastu curry with rice. Came also with salad and pickles. My partner said that the curry was pretty decent and the pork didn't look bad. So overall, I think he enjoyed this.

Katsu Curry

Lastly, we ordered california rolls and a sashimi and sushi set to share. The california rolls were average - I did have a california roll craving so this dish satisfied that desire. The sashimi was cut thick and it was very fresh indeed. Definately not bad.

California Roll
Sushi and Sashimi

Dinner here is surprisingly cheap. Mains range from around $10-15ish... so it's pretty decent for good Jap food around this area. Most probably will visit again when I'm not dressed as oddly :P

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 31/40

7 Cambridge St
The Rocks
NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9241 1364


Maria said...

So you're getting married soon?! Congratulations!

I need to be more disciplined and publish my restaurant experiences too.. I don't do it often enough. I forgot my camera on the weekend and ended up taking photo's with my mobile at Izakaya Den.

I'm amazed at the prices you paid at Nakashima! Not bad at all for Sydney. My youngest sister lives in Sydney.

Great blog!

bbsnoopy said...

Yes yes
It was quite reasonably priced given that we were in the middle of the Rocks area.