Saturday, November 20, 2010

Japanese food in HK

There are HUGE selections of Jap food in HK. These range from high-class Jap restaurants with harbour views, moderately priced casual Jap restaurants, wwwaaaayyyy too many sushi trains, as well as uber awesome sushi (singular and platters) that you can just pluck from your everyday supermarkets.

Whereas my partner and I usually go crazy on Jap food, on our most recent trip, we didn't get the chance to. Instead, we settled for the casual restaurants, sushi trains and supermarket-variety sushi... which really wasn't bad either! :)

Sashimi set from Kaneda (in Wan Chai)

terriyaki beef from Kaneda
grilled pork neck from Kaneda
Camquat in coke from Watami
Soft shell crab salad from Watami
beef tongue from Watami
mixed rolls from Watami
Potato mornay from Watami
Scallop sushi from Itamae
Salmon sushi from Itamae
Crab roe salad from Itamae
California roll from Itamae
Soft shell crab roll from Itamae
Lobster ship and cheesy flying fish roe ship from Itamae
Unagi sushi from Itamae
Sushi platter from Marketplace (supermarket in Langham)

So the verdict? Well, at some places, the sashimi and sushi is not as fresh or tasty as it is in Sydney (or atleast some parts of Sydney) but... Why is it so cheap?!?!?!

Kaneda Japanese Restaurant - 1/F, Fraser Suites, 74-80 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

Watami -

Itamae sushi -
Shop 1-3, G/F., Excelsior Plaza, Yee On Bldg., 24-26 East Point Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Maria said...

Not good to hear that the sushi isn't as fresh as you'd find in Sydney! Love it that you're featuring Japanese food. It's probably our most favourite cuisine when we dine out.

Hubby and I tried Izakaya Den (Melbourne) on the weekend..and I wanted to try the ox tongue dish but there were so many to try.. I couldn't order everything. I see you had beef tongue in HK.

bbsnoopy said...

I've been the Izakaya Den in Melbourne before. I distinctly remember that my camera ran out of batteries as did my mobile that day LOL
From memory, Izakaya featured good priced decent jap food - and jap beer. hehe