Monday, November 22, 2010

Sushi Tengoku - Kensington

GIANT sushi? Sushi Tengoku is one of the first places that pop into my mind when I think of Giant sushi. Located just on Anzac Parade, it is a popular hang-out for UNSWers. I found it kind of funny how even after leaving uni, we can come back to popular uni-hangouts AND still bump into lots of people you used to know from uni LOL

Sushi Tengoku

My partner left the ordering to me - and so, I picked what I wanted to eat. California big roll ($12) was on my agenda. Big round chunk of eight slices of crab stick, fish roe, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and mayo appeared in front of us. "Is this one or two rolls?" asked my partner - it was just one. Extremely extremely filling.

california roll - $12

Seafood salad ($9) was also in our picks. So it's not as huge as that at Sushi Suma, it was still a decent-sized salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sashimi cubes and a smooth tasty mildly spicy dressing. It was really quite appetising - the type of salad that makes you continually eat it. The dressing was soooo smooth - feels like egg is mixed in with it. Makes the sashimi cubes nice and slimy, with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Last time we were here, we had the avocado salad. I remember that the avocado salad was pretty decent too :)

seafood salad - $9

We came to Sushi Tengoku for giant sushi - and so, we couldn't leave without having giant sushi! We ordered 3 types of sushi nigiri - the salmon ($3.50 each), the kaibasira (aka sea scallops - $3.50 each), and the unagi ($4 each). Each of these were huge gigantic thick slices of salmon/unagi/scallop, wacked onto a normal sized rice ball. Though not stacked as nicely as before, the scallops were my favourite - big and juicy and lots of it! The salmon was really really good. Thickly cut - it feels as though you are eating fresh sashimi (until you get to the rice).

salmon sushi nigiri - $3.50
kaibasira sea scallop - $3.50

unagi - $4

All up, Sushi Tengoku is pretty good. Sure, service is not the best and I imagine that if you come in peak times, you'll get noisy rowdy uni students. But for the freshness and the hugeness of the servings, it's probably worth the noise :P

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 30/40

Sushi Tengoku
121 Anzac Parade
NSW 2033
tel: (02) 9663 3388


Maria said...


I LOVE the idea of giant sushi.. why don't we have it here in Geelong? But then again we don't have a lot of things here.

Reasonable prices too, I'm so impressed. LOVE the look of the unagi and salmon.

I came across your blog quite randomly today. I'm planning on going to the Werribee Harvest Picnic this Sunday (annual food event) but the forecast is for rain, rain, rain! I received an email from the Harvest peeps saying it never rains at the festival ;) - and they decided to mention all the place you'll be able to grab a bite to eat.

They mentioned a Brazilian bbq stall, so I decided to Google them (to see if I could find the local company). I haven't found them yet.. but I looked at 'Braza' and their menu's sound so divine. I was then curious about how the Roasted Cassava Flour was served.. so I Googled that.. an I found your blog!

My hubby and daughter would LOVE Braza. We have a 'chuscateria'.. or whatever it's called in Melbourne but it's around $70 a head for all you can eat and not cheap for a-la-carte.

bbsnoopy said...

Giant Sushi is really really awesome! (esp for people like me who likes the sashimi part to it more than the rice bit) :P
And $70/ head? reall? wow - pricey. Must be pretty good though!

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