Friday, January 21, 2011

Kings Henry Court - Penrith

Kings Henry Court was chosen as the destination for the farewell dinner for a super awesome collegue of mine. With an interesting name, the restaurant, which is located within an old church, has interesting decor on all parts of the wall. Paintings, signs, inspirational quotes and words, everything! There's even a novelty type shop (selling signs and "other" things) and a bar out front. The restaurant part is tucked out the back and almost concealed. In fact, from the moment I walked in, I thought I was at the wrong place.

They have a decently sized a la carte menu as well as two set menus (one at $20 and one at $30 per person). For tonight, we had gone for the $20 menu (available Tues to Friday only).

We had a choice of bread - crostini, cheese and chive or chilli cheese. I opted for the cheese and chive. It wasn't presented nicely or anything. Nothing fancy - it was more 'homey'. The turkish bread was soft and warm. There was visible strings of chive noticable and was cheesy and buttery throughout. It's one of those bread you eat as comfort food, which I liked much :)

cheese and chive bread

In terms of mains for the $20 menu, there was a choice of spaghetti, pie, fish and chips, chicken snitzel, or curry and rice. Choosing the chicken snitzel with gravy, I was met with a good sized snitzel - not too gigantic, not too small, decent gravy and a heap of mash. YUM. Unfortunately, the chicken was actually really quite thin and the batter was thick in comparison. The mash was heavenly smooth at first, but once it was cold, it lumpified. But all up, it wasn't bad. I also eyed my colleagues fish and chips - it was a massive piece of fish, stacks of chips and a pile of salad. Pretty decent value I think.

Chicken Snitzel with mash

Now for dessert. There was a choice of orange and poppy seed cake, banana cake and chocolate brownie. Being a chocoholic, there was no doubt that I was going to choose the brownie. It was a little harder than expected, but it was still moist and sweet and chocolatey with (rather big) lumps of walnut inside. I love (almost) all things chocolate and hence, had no trouble polishing this off.

chocolate brownie

So all up, food was decent. Sure, it's not the most well presented, nor the most extravagently exotic flavours. It was casual. Home-style. Comfort-type food. One of my colleagues expressed how awesome the food was the whole night~ And $20 for a 3 course meal? I have to say WOW. I should dine in Penrith more often!

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 9/10
Overall - 30/40

King Henry's Court
74 Henry Street
NSW 2750
Tel: (02) 4721 1155


joey@FoodiePop said...

Wow, you do travel far! I haven't been out there for half a decade, or more! ;-)

bbsnoopy said...

yes- it's a rare trek for me too!