Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sydney Fish Market - Pyrmont

Rushing off after church, we made it to the fish market at close to 2pm. Sydney Fish Market was still super packed out. Checking out all the sashimi choices and oysters available for the day, we decided to shop at De Costis as they seemed super fresh :)

Salmon Sashimi galore

Tuna Sashimi

Super yummy looking marinara mix

large octopusii

For hot food, we went for Peter's (which my partner and I think is the probably close to the best place for seafood platters at the fish market). They used to give out buzzers for you to collect your food - but now, they going back to the oldschool ticket way which means you have to actually stand there and wait for your food :(

Peters BBQ Grill

The seafood platter for two comprised of two large crumbed fish fillets, 2 oyster mornay, 2 oyster killpatrick, 4 mussels, 4 large cold prawns, lots of calamari rings and grilled octopuses and a heap of chips. The fish was very nicely soft and fluffy on the inside and golden crunchy on the outside. The oysters also embeded alot of mornay sauce and a heap of bacon for the killpatrick. The prawns were absolutely deliciously sweet sweet sweet. I think I would have been happy to just eat these large prawns :) However, the mussels, calamari rings and chips were just of the average variety.

Seafood Platter for Two

One thing I'm scared of at the fish markets is the attack of the seagulls. Our sashimi looked and tasted super fresh, creamy and super sweet and was an easy target for these swooping enemies. Hence, we had to keep a close lookout for our yummy slices of raw fish.

our salmon sashimi

Oysters-wise, we got some Pacific Rock super A++ grade ones (or so they claim). The oysters were creamy and very oystery. You know straight away that they are fresh. No weird after taste either. Very yum yum :)

Pacific Rock Oysters

After all that savoury food, I was just simply dying for an ice-cream cookie sandwich. My partner sadly broke the news to me that Paddington markets (the place we normally go for ice-cream cookie sandwiches) was probably closed by then. As we disappointedly wandered back inside, we were amazingly met with a freezer marked with Pat & Sticks homemade icecream co. My day was instantly perfect!

I chose the mochaccino and my partner, the double choc. My mochaccino tasted very very coffee-ish. Just strong enough and just sweet enough. My partner's double choc is also as the name implies - super super chocolatey icecream encased between two chocolate cookies. Mmm... I need to bulk buy these I think.

Pat & Sticks cookie icecreams

The fish markets is always a place which gets me excited and happy. Now that I know that my favourite icecream cookie sandwiches exist here also - this is definately an awesome lunchtime destination!

Food - 9/10
Service - ?
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 24 + ? /40

Sydney Fish Market
Cnr Pyrmont Bridge Road & Bank Street
Blackwattle Bay,
Pyrmont, NSW, 2009
Tel: (02) 9004 1100


missklicious said...

I love sashimi, I could eat the whole tray by myself! yum

bbsnoopy said...

only if it's super fresh though! :)