Monday, April 26, 2010

Genki Ramen - Artarmon

Genki Ramen

Following from the previous post, my partner and I were stuck in Chatswood without a movie to watch. But we really did want to watch it! So what could we do to kill time?

We walked around, browsed, and decided to buy a card game we were introduced to earlier in the week - Monopoly Deal. We bought it from Toys-r-Us for $9.99, only to find it for $2 cheaper at Myer 5 minutes later (so buy it from Myer!!!). We drove out of the carpark (as we're too cheap to pay for parking) and parked on the street. In the car, we played Monopoly Deal for hours! Like seriously - it was sooooo fun! We played until the sun went down and we couldn't tell the colours of the property properly.

When it was fully dark, we decided that we needed to play somewhere other than the car. I had even considered just dining at Maccas (a place I'm trying to boycott for my health's sake) but my partner suggested for us to try and see if Genki Ramen was open (since we were so close).
And it was! (And I bought my cards in with us!)

My partner ordered the Takana fried rice ($11) and I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen ($11).

Because the fried rice had this chilli vegetable stuff mixed, my partner said that it made the rice a bit soggier than what he likes. The rice was mildly spicy, kind of like really mild kimchi-ish rice. It wasn't overly interesting though. It came with a miso soup which was also pretty ordinary.

Takana Fried Rice with miso soup - $11

My ramen was less thick and less potent compared to Ryo's or Gumshara. It was a lot lighter on the stomach. It wasn't too salty or too flavoursome and possibly lacked a little bit of taste - but it definately wasn't bad. The ramen was a bit soggier than I had expected (or maybe it was because I took too long to eat it) and I would have liked maybe an egg or two :P

Tonkatsu Ramen - $11

And to the possible surprise of waiters and patrons around us, my partner and I continued to play throughout our meal - having fun and being loud and slightly ever so stressed when we're being deal broken :)

Monopoly Deal

Food - 7.5/10

Service - 7/10

Ambiance - 7/10

Value for money - 7.5/10

Overall - 29/40

Genki Ramen
Wilkes Ave

NSW 2064

(02) 9410 3777


mr. pineapple man said...

the tonkatsu ramen is so white~ were u able to finish it? sometimes it gets so greasy, but it still is my favorite ramen :)

bbsnoopy said...

yeh - i have to say, this tonkatsu isn't as thick as the ones from Ryo's or Gumshara so it was much much easier to complete the mission :)