Monday, April 26, 2010

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant - Chatswood

How did we end up at New Shanghai in Chatswood?

Well, the thing is, I had initially wanted ramen at Ryo's (in Crowsnest). But knowing Ryo's, it would probably have been closed. The next best thing is probably Gumshara (in Dixon foodcourt). We were on the way there but we saw flashing signs that there would be delays in the city due to road closures for Anzac day. These signs, along with my sudden realisation that I was wearing an Italia jacket (an anti-anzac jacket) and probably didn't want to be seen by any loyal Anzacians, turned us off going to the city. Instead, we detoured and ended up at Chatswood.

New Shanghai Chatswood

We had wanted to watch a movie at Hoyts, but the movie we wanted to catch was not showing until 9pm (a whole 7 hours later). Thus, food was the next best thing.

I was a bit shocked to see such a huge dining area and so many diners at this place. As per usual, my partner wanted to order pretty much EVERYTHING. After much convincing, this was our final food choice.

We ordered shredded kelp mixed with vinegar and spice dressing ($3.80). This was pretty yum. A bit more vinegary compared to usual, but was flavoursome and appetising all the same.

shredded kelp - $3.80

Another small dish we ordered was the sweet and sour pork rib ($4.80). There were many pieces of pork rib. Each piece had much of that "soft" bone in it so we could choose between chomping through and swallowing the bone, or to meticulously working around the bone to get the meat. This was a huge flavour-hit. The sauce was pretty thick. It was nicely sweet and not overpoweringly vinegarily sour. The meat was also nice and tender. Not bad at all.

Sweet and sour pork rib - $4.80

The last of our small dish selection was the braised dry bean curd with black mushroom and fungus ($4.80). My auntie in HK used to make me this. The taste of this was similar to that of my aunties, but it was much much much more oily and the texture was not as good. However, it was enough to satisfy my reminiscent craving for this vegetarian dish.

Braised dry bean curd with black mushroom - $4.80

We also ordered a sweet corn soup with crab ($6.80). We had expected chicken corn soup with seafood extenders but instead, we got little bits and pieces of real crab (or atleast the crab they put their steamed little crab and pork buns). The soup was smooth, thick but not too thick, and sweet and tasty. Mmm...

Sweet corn soup with crab - $6.80

Last but not least, we had to get the Xiao Long Bao (steamed mini pork buns) ($6.80). I was very quite pleased with these. The dumpling wrap was thin but not easily breakable. The pork inside was tasty and there was much soup inside. The flavour just exploded in our mouths. It was a very good balance between the thin dumpling wrap, soup and meat. Very good value for the quality of the buns and price we had to pay.

Xiao Long Bao - $6.80

Food-wise, I was quite amazed by this place. Service was a bit lacking and ambiance? Well - just like any busy, slightly loud Chinese restaurant. I wouldn't mind coming back though. All up was only $26 for this much food with no surcharge on Anzac Day. Pretty awesome! :P

Food - 8.5/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Value for money - 9/10
Overall - 30.5/40

New Shanghai
427-441 Victoria Ave
NSW 2067
Tel: (02) 9415 3536

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