Tuesday, August 11, 2009

European - Melbourne


Having read about how awesome European is on the Breakfast Blog, I couldn't wait to check the place out. However, being overworked, tired and stressed Sydney-siders, having a weekend off means a sleep-in (for some of my friends) and so, by the time we managed to get to this place, it was already 11am and packed out. After a bit of a wait,we were offered our table and food and coffee was subsequently sampled.

Melbourne coffee somehow tastes better than Sydney ones. It's weird. It might just be because I live in Sydney. Although my mocha was a touch too chocolatey sweet, it was nonetheless smooth and creamy. What was disappointing, however, was the lack of coffee art. It was just all frothy and smooth - but art-less. *sighz* The sizes were also a touch too small. I swear I finished my caffeine-fix in just a few gulps.




Hot Chocolate

Wanting bacon, a few of my friends ordered the European ($17.50) - some with scrambled, some with poached eggs. In the European was eggs, bacon, a mushroom, tomato and really really crunchy toast. I managed to samply my friend's scrambled eggs and honestly, it was quite divine. Light and fluffy and mmm... yum~

European breakfast - $17.50

I also loved my bruschetta with roasted mushrooms, poached egg and roquette ($15.00). With a variety of mushrooms, lightly yet tastely herbed, a poached egg and light mustardy sauce, it was very appetising. My complaint would be that the egg was slightly overcooked... such that the yolk didn't manage to ooze out and mix with the mushy and soften the bruschetta.

Bruschetta with roasted mushrooms, poached egg and roquette - $15.00

I was tossing up between the bruschetta and the frittata ($16.00) so I was quite pleased when my friend ordered the latter. A frittata of smoked trout and potato was served with avocado and buschetta. Mmm... looked yum. My friend ate and no complaints were voiced.

frittata of smoked trout and potato with avocado salsa - $16.00

Lastly, the Huevos madrilenos ($16.50) which took around 20 minutes to cook came out. This was baked eggs, black pudding (blood sausage), and chorizo. Again, my friend ate in quiet silence and seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

Huevos madrilenos - $16.50

Overall, the European is a busy, buzzing place. Perhaps it would be wise to book if coming with large company. The service varied between waitresses - some quite nice, others slightly rude. As Melbourne is well endowed with breakfast places, I would like to sample more widely before returning here for brekky.

Food - 8/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 6/10
Overall - 27/40

161 Spring Street
Victoria 3000
tel: (03) 9654 0811

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