Monday, August 10, 2009

Grill'd (3) - Melbourne


Ever since my last trip to Melbourne, I've been craving for thick-cut chips from Grill'd. These chips are soft and fluffy on the inside, and a crunchy goldenness on the outside. But I think what really makes these chips is the herbed mayo. The herb mayo is rich and flavoursome and completments chips (and everything else) perfectly! So when our first meal in Melbourne was decidedly Grill'd, there were no complaints from me.

Regular Chips with herbed mayo - $4.30

The chips did not disaapoint. Nor did the burgers. Disguised as "healthy", these burgers were huge and fresh and dripping with sauce (or maybe my friends and I were just hopeless at eating them).

The burgers we ordered included the Zen Hen ($9.90). This comprised of grilled chicken breast, tangy satay sauce, coriander, shredded carrot, salad and herbed mayo. The bun was crispy yet soft and my friend seemed baffled as to how to bite into it. Nonetheless, he seemed to thoroughly enjoy his meal.

The Zen Hen - $9.90

Simon Says ($10.90) was another burger we plucked off the menu. Again with grilled chicken breast, this burger also had avocado, crispy trim bacon, salad, relish and packed with herbed mayo. Mmm... I think it's the herbed mayo that makes the burger.

Simon Says - $10.90

After my meal on the plane, I wasn't too hungry and so, I ordered a simpler burger - the Simply Grill'd ($7.90) with cheese ($1). This was simply, comprised of a grilled 100% lean beef patty, salad, relish and herbed mayo. It was deliciousness! But again, given the height of the burger, relatively hard to bite into.

Simply Grill'd - $7.90 + tasty cheese - $1.00

The Lamb burger and the Mighty Melbourne also seemed to appease my friend who chomped it up, leaving juices running down her hands. The Baa Baa Burger was made of a lamb pattie, avocado, cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo whereas the Mighty Melbourne is an awesome mix of tasty yet "healthy"100% lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, beetroot, salad, relish and herbed mayo.

Baa Baa Burger - $11.50

Mighty Melbourne - $11.90

In all, I love how all these burgers are meant to be "healthy", with lean beef/lamb/chicken patties, lots of veges and trimmed bacon. Healthy yet tastey I guess~ And I simply adore the herbed mayo chips. Simply Awesome~!!! Now, all it has to be is 24hrs like Maccas. I can't wait to check out the Grill'd in Crows Nest!!! :P

Food - 9/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Value for money - 7/10
Overall - 30/40

Level 2 QV Square
210 Lonsdale Street
Victoria 3000
tel: (03) 9663 0399


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A good read, but was often focussed on your bad spelling rather than your good words

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A good comment, but was often focused on the irony of your bad spelling rather than your good criticism