Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sushi Express - Bondi Junction

Sushi Express

On a cold winter's night after uni, my partner and I thought we'd grab a bite to avoid the traffic home. Having hotly debated whether we should stop for a quick dinner or for max brenner, we found ourselves close to Bondi Junction. I've seen pics of yummy looking wierd shaped sushi from a sushi shop called "Sushi Express" so naturally, we set on our journey to hunt for this place. We passed many a sushi-train shops... and ended up on the somewhat deserted side of the street wondering ... hmm... is this the place? are there even food shops here?

Surely enough, we found this tiny sushi train tucked under a dicey stairwell.

Being unreasonably early for dinner, we found ourselves the sole customers for most of our meal. However, as time ticked on, more people came and went.

My partner and I took no time to pluck plates off the conveyer. And this is what we ended up with...

Terriyaki Chicken roll - $2.20

Katsu chicken and avacado - $2.80

Salmon and Avocado with onion - $4.00

The salmon was fresh. The avocado was soft. There was decent amounts of mayo... it was GOOD.

Scallop sushi - $3.30

As you can see, the scallops are quite tiny... However, quality beats quantity. These tiny little buggers were truly moist and fresh and juicy and tastey... Mmmmm yum~

Ahh... my funny shaped sushi... Salmon and Avocado - $3.30

Grilled Scallop sushi - $3.30

Again, a bit small, but definately tastey.

Grilled Scallop in its shell with cheese - $3.30 each

it came with rice underneath ~ it was like a whole meal!!!
We also wanted the grilled oysters... but unfortunately, they had none.

Open-faced sushi: chilli chicken and crab with melted cheese - $3.30

it tasted like a cheeseburger~! only with rice and seaweed...

Crab meat sushi wrapped in egg - $2.80

Salmon, Crab stick and avacado sushi - $2.20

In all, I thought that the prices of the plates were extremely reasonable - ranging from $2.20 to $4.40. However, some of the sushis were tiny bit smaller than usual... others were same size. Taste-wise, it was no worse than other shops. The ingredients were fresh, even if the shop's apparently Korean owned and situated under a stairwell.

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Value for money - 8/10
Overall - 29/40

Sushi Express
Unit 1
53-55 Spring Street
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022
tel: (02) 9369 2007